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Title: Drawer Night    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


One of my favorite nights of the week is what my husband and I refer to as drawer night. All of my really sexy outfits are in the lower center drawer of my dresser and I treat my husband to a view of me in one of them during an unannounced night of the week.

He never knows which night of the week it will be and he never knows just what I will pick out to wear for the evening, but he does know that one night each week (or sometimes two or three) will be really special for him. Sometimes I mix and match my items to create a new outfit that he has never seen before and sometimes I pull out something from the past that has not been on my body in sometime. I have also chosen some swimwear that is rather revealing to wear on evenings when the hot tub awaits us on our evening of love.

Some of our most memorable nights have been created in this way. My husband has also been known to place an item or two in the drawer for me to find and the surprise for him is that he never knows when it will appear on my body. It may be a week or it might just be two or three. He never knows what I will choose.

However, No matter what I choose, my efforts are always appreciated by my husband and my efforts lead to some amazing sexual adventure in the bedroom or in the hot tub.

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