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Title: Wait upon the Lord    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


If you are currently separated from your spouse. And you do not want a divorce. There is hope. Do not keep trying to make your miracle happen on your own. YOU cannot do it. Only God can. Dont get caught up in Lust either. You can actually be lusting for your marriage to be restored, that is a sin. Lust is when you want something so bad that you will not be happy unless you get it. Well, you cant play with or make deals with God. He wants to bless you and restore your marriage, but he wants to be the God in your life, not man. Man will let you down every time! My advice is step back, let GO of your spouse-tell God to take it and you trust he will change your spouse. In the meantime, daily pray for your spouse and yourself. Seek wisdom and get involved with Church. You must have the fellowship with Christian believers. Do not seek counseling form a non believer-or the SAME sex! God bless-your marriage will be restored if you will truly repent of your sins, trust God and obey!!