Engagement Stories

Title: Perfect Surprise    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Katrina was impossible to surprise, the type that dug into every little thing that appeared out of line. We had been dating for nearly a year now, and every attempt to surprise her came up empty-handed and never seemed to work. We had been talking about marriage for a few months now, and I knew that she was waiting for something abnormal. This meant I would be asking the big question. So on the night of the planned proposal, I planned a dinner at the local fast food restaurant simply because I knew this would not throw her off. Soon after I decided to go for a walk in a quiet garden where I had planted a single red rose into the snow, with the engagement ring sitting inside, it was so perfect! She was so surprised, this was the first time in our dating that I had truly surprised her, and what good time to do so!