We Waited Stories

Title: Blessings of waiting and having one partner    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My wife and I were both virgins when we were married. Our marriage has been so blessed in so many ways by both of our decisions to marry fairly early and wait to the intimacy designed for marriage. Our foundation for our marriage provided a great starting point. After 10 years we still have a very strong night life (it gets better and better each year) and we have a trust and relationship that grows each year.

We married fairly young by today's standards. We met in college at church and started dating very soon after meeting each other. Once we decided that we were going to spend our lives together, we did not waste too much time with the engagement period even though we were both still in college. Besides our outward conviction, it was probably obvious to all our friends and family that we were waiting since we did not have a 3 year engagement. Looking back, our wedding reception was also pretty short compared to some other weddings I've been to, but at the time it seemed to go on forever. I guess we had other things on our mind.