Unconditional Love Stories

Title: Love in all ramification    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G



Married couples should love themselves in all conditions. This is also applicable to people that are seriously engaged to settle down. Action they say, speaks louder than voice. The action of couples towards each other should tell them that their love is unconditional.

Boate married Ade and they were blessed with five children; three boys and two girls. In the fifteenth year of their marriage, Ade fell sick and was diagnosed to have kidney failure. She was told to look for somebody that would be able to donate a matching kidney. She discussed with his husband that she will call her sister who lives outside the country because they were living in Ghana. To Ade's surprise, his husband ceased her two lines and deprived her of having any contact because he voiced that Ade is too young to suffer from kidney failure. The children would have been of help but they do not have the number. Ade was in pain until she passed away.

Boate supposed to show unconditional love to a woman that had born him five children if not for any other reason. She needed him most at that time, but his heart was like a stone. Please, readers try to LOVE unconditionally.