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Because God told us to.

President Spencer W. Kimball: Sin is still sin and always will be. We stand for a life of cleanliness. From childhood through youth and to the grave, we proclaim the wickedness of sexual life of any kind before marriage, and we proclaim that every one in marriage should hold himself or herself to the covenants that were made.

In other words, as we have frequently said, there should be total chastity of men and women before marriage and total fidelity in marriage

President Harold B. Lee: To some it may seem old-fashioned to speak of virtue and chastity, honesty, morality, faith, character, but these are the qualities which have built great men and women and point the way by which one may find happiness. These are the qualities which are the anchors to our lives

Elder Dallin H. Oaks: The power to create mortal life is the most exalted power God has given his children. Its use was mandated in the first commandment, but another important commandment was given to forbid its misuse. The emphasis we place on the law of chastity is explained by our understanding of the purpose of our procreative powers in the accomplishment of God's plan.

The expression of our procreative powers is pleasing to God, but he has commanded that this be confined within the relationship of marriage. President Spencer W. Kimball taught that in the context of lawful marriage, the intimacy of sexual relations is right and divinely approved. There is nothing unholy or degrading about sexuality in itself, for by that means men and women join in a process of creation and in an expression of love' (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, ed. Edward L. Kimball [1982], 311).

Outside the bonds of marriage, all uses of the procreative power are to one degree or another a sinful degrading and perversion of the most divine attribute of men and women

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A reader says ... Please give us SCRIPTURE that supports these OPINIONS. These gentlemen are just like the rest of us. We all have opinions. Their opinions are just as important as are mine. Please visit my site at www.BiblicalSex.info