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Title: A Deer Story Pertaining To How Erring Religion Has Pained and Disrupted What God Intends To Be Dear To Mankind.    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


A Deer Story Pertaining To How Erring Religion Has Pained and Disrupted What God Intends To Be Dear To Mankind.

Recently I had largely made up my mind to make a connection on the web pertaining to feminine beauty, and which many Christians would have thought quite improper, but for some time I felt I should. Although this was sort of a big step for me to take, at least one positive thing was, I thought I could learn more about how women felt on the subject. It happened the very morning of the day I was planning to make this connection, a beautiful buck deer with a very wide spread of antlers suddenly appeared in the midst of our front lawn. It seemed he should have passed by on either side of the lawn, rather than coming right in front of our house as he did. When I first saw him he was in the midst of our lawn, right in front of our house, and running straight away from us and our house towards the road and woods. Although he looked very magnificent with his large rack or antlers spread wide showing his strong masculinity, yet of all things we then noticed this poor buck's back legs were both completely broken, and he was running on his back knee joints, and the part of his legs below each knee was dragging behind. Yes, he was running on short broken off hind legs, with the broken off parts dragging behind. Think of the misery, and it looked pitiful. The big buck was low on the back because of running on his back joints. This being the thirteenth of November was the peak time of the rut, or the top mating season for deer, and think of this poor buck trying to mate with both of his back legs short and broke as this. I had often thought about how false religion has pained and destroyed God's creation of masculinity and sexuality, and seeing this magnificent buck with his legs broke as this, very much reminded me of such. Erring religion has often broken the legs of man's sexual characteristics that God gave him, and made them to be a source of misery, rather than a blessing as God intended. God has intended woman, feminine beauty, and sexuality, to bless mankind, while erring religion has often turned this into hunger pains, and supposed evil temptations. Erring religion has often turned humanities sexuality as a whole, into unfulfilled desires, pain and trouble. It has disallowed marriage, and greatly disrupted sex in marriage, and often disallowed all sexual refreshment or release, and which has caused all kinds of sexual disorders. It has caused many women to most always unattractively veil their heads, or even faces, and caused many to conclude, we are dreadfully made rather than wonderfully made, as Psa 139:4 speaks of. Seeing this poor buck as this, at the time of planning to make that connection on the internet, very much encouraged me to do so, as well as to continue trying to liberate people from the sexual oppression of erring religion, as I had been trying to do for numerous years.

That evening I called the neighbor and told him about the big wounded buck going into his woods, and he suggested we get a hunter to finish it off. The deer obviously would never have gotten better and would simply have been in great misery as this. Note, we later learned the buck had not gone far, but had lain down in the taller grass not far across the road. The next morning a hunter came, and as soon as he started walking away from his vehicle, the poor buck seeing the hunter jumped up and started running on his broken off back legs. The hunter than shot with his bow and arrow and hit it in it's upper back. Then another surprising thing happened. There happened to be a two acre lake or so, right close by with a quite steep bank, and for some reason the poor buck instead of running towards the woods or along the water, in his frustration jumped over the steep bank into the lake. The hunter then took of his shirt and coat and jumped in after it and caught it and pulled it back to shore. It had swam or floated out into the lake about 20 yards. It had a 20 inch spread.

In thinking about all this I was made to think about how erring religion has not only broken the legs of man's sexuality, but further also shoots the wounded one with shame and condemnation, and thereby further wounds those whose legs are already miserably broken. Then the poor wounded one, like this buck might get even more frustrated, and like it jump into a river or lake and commit suicide. Likely this deer was so frustrated with everything, that jumping in the lake looked like a refuge. How many humans have been frustrated and pained as this? I some time ago was reading the comments of a sexually frustrated person who was trying to shun admiring particular photos or shows of femininity as likely such was what he felt he had to do to be normal or acceptable, and was having a very ruff time of it. In his frustrations, he even spoke of suicide, if he could not come up to and remain, where he thought he must, to be acceptable. How sad. This poor man was involved with some religious group that supposedly was trying to help him, and which group (especially in their beginning days) often displayed photos of very unclothed women in their efforts of supposedly fighting pornography. I read another story where this same group, had a special meeting supposedly helping men shun admiring particular shows or photos of femininity, while a month after this meeting a man from that church actually did commit suicide leaving behind him a wife and two toddlers. Although the best beauty of women can strengthen a man, and act as strong legs to cause a man to love his wife more passionately, erring religion has often broken these legs and has even turned wives against their husbands because of what could strengthen his passion for her. How sad. It is very possible this group was instrumental in making this man feel like a fool before his wife, family, and friends as well as in his own eyes, and is one reason this poor man committed suicide. Although the state of the poor buck that jumped into the lake was sad, how about this poor man?

In old times Godly women freely adorned themselves, and God gave Holy men of old numerous wives, and not only to admire, while yet in our day erring religion often unattractively veils women's heads, and even faces, and shames feminine beauty and display, and often classifies any photo of exposed feminine beauty, (which beauty the Bible favorably and graphically describes as very good and the work of a cunning craftsman), the same as vile photos displaying and encouraging ungodly or perverted sex. These things ought not so to be. "" speaks much more about these things. God did not create woman, or exceptional feminine beauty, to merely be a snare or pain to man, but to be dear to humanity, and may we find that connection. The writer of this has had many things happen in his life, and that involved more than coincidence, which relate to these issues. I have done much research on the subject of veiling and shed many tears at what I learned. After researching the subject of veiling very extensively and finding many amazing things, I now am amazed that in my Bible, and in my wife's Bible, at two most vital Scriptures regarding the subject of veiling, the pages have very unusual tears in them that look like bites taken out of them. The tears have been there for many years and we have no idea how or when they happened. I believe they simply portray how erring religion has bitten into and torn up what these Scriptures really should tell us. These tears can be seen at this link "" .

Many people will likely say; those unusual tears in your Bibles, and at those special places, as well as the very unusual buck in your lawn on that particular morning, was just a coincidence. I will then ask, was it also just coincidence that after I buried a little bag of walnuts that my recently deceased dad had cracked, because they were just to special to me to eat, that within an hour or so my wife not even knowing I had buried them nor where I had buried them, unknowingly dug up the little bag of walnuts and planted a small flower in the very same hole. Note, I had buried them among newly fallen leaves and there was no evidence of my digging, and I also had no idea that my was going to plant flowers. This happened Oct 23 as my wife transplanted some day lilies. I don't think this was coincidence, but rather a witness of the resurrection, and a witness that death and the grave cannot hold those who love their God. Further is it just a coincidence that after many years of seeking God and His Word as the rock of my life, and seeking solid truths based on the Rock, that now I just recently discovered that almost perfectly between our two driveways and down by the road, and right in front of our house, lies a very unusual granite rock around 8 ft in diameter with just a little of it sticking out of the ground? I believe that which is solid and based on the rock needs dug out and shared with every one down the road, as this rock right in front of our house and down by the road nicely portrays. A verse that has been special to me for many years is, From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. (Psalm 61:2, KJV).

I could write about many, many, other similar things (some even more unique) which I feel and know involved more than just chance. By the laws of chance, obviously a rare thing can happen, yet by the laws of chance, the chance for unique things to happen repeatedly, is basically none. I am not a big enough fool to believe all the things I have witnessed to be chance, but rather am concerned about false signs and wonders. Yet when signs and wonders align with God's more ancient standards, and standards as shown in the Scriptures, rather than our standards, we should consider. Yet I know many religious people will shrug off these things and will continue to hold to their harsh and oppressive religious laws, although the Scriptures even call some oppressive sexual laws the doctrines of Devils. Most often those who are more determined to HAVE BEEN right than to BECOME right, simply stay WRONG. What is our determination? God will accept no religious heroes into the beautiful pearly gates and who might feel they have born and done great things to be allowed to enter therein, but rather His Son said, Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.(Luke 18:17). It will be supposed religious heroes, who at the last day will say Lord Lord have we not done this and that, but will be turned away, while it will be those who are like little children, and who did good without hardly knowing it, who will say, Lord when did we do this and that, and will be accepted (Matt 25:34-46). God's little children know their God and His good ways, and walk in the glorious liberty of the children of God with kindness and humility, while supposed religious heroes often rather know man's harsh religious manners, and walk in prestige and cruelty, yet imagining they are doing great things for God. In conclusion, may we seek truth and a balance in these matters and may God have mercy on us.
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