Unconditional Love Stories

Title: A regretful experience    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


It all began with a chat. On the internet.

He was a recent acquaintance. But as we chatted away,it seemed we knew each other for years.
He passed on his mobile number to me.
I was a bit wary though.
I proceeded to delete it.

The next time I was writing a story on my blog,when he suddenly came on chat again.
"Hi",he said.
Is that your picture?"
"yes",I replied.
"Cute dimples!a recent picture?"
To which I replied in the affirmative.

We continued talking for an hour or so.
I tried to witness to him.
My experience with the Lord.

Somehow I strangely felt attracted to this guy.
He asked me my mobile number.I hesitated.
But gave in.

A few days passed by.
I felt the urge to contact him.Sent him a text message.
He replied.
He called me the following week.

Slowly this led to messaging each other almost every day.
I was now getting obsessed with his thoughts.

And he with me.
His language changed.
To a more intimate one.

Words like "honey","darling","sweetheart", began to dominate his conversation with me.

We wanted to meet desperately.
He suggested we meet at a restaurant for lunch.
I shrugged it off quickly,knowing the inherent danger.

I wanted to call off this relationship several times,but he coaxed me gently back into it.

But deep down I knew I was not doing the right thing.
Cheating on my husband was the last thing on my mind.

But the compulsion about meeting this guy over ruled my sensibilities.

One day he came over to my place for lunch.
He chatted with my kids.
We spent a few hours chatting away.
I liked him.
He held me by my waist as he was about to depart.
We shook hands.

I missed him a few days after this.
I knew I must renounce him,as God had spoken to me several times.

The texting grew sparse,followed by occasional calls.

One day he announced, he was coming to visit a bank close to my place.
I asked him to drop in for a short while.
He agreed.

We chatted away for some time.
I grew uncomfortable.
He didn't seem to be listening, was distracted.

He wanted to look around the house.
So we went to my bedroom.
He liked my photograph hung on the wall.
He clicked it on his mobile.

We were standing close to each other.
He held my hand, and then held my waist.

One thing led to the other.
The next thing I know, is being pinned against the wall.
He was kissing me.
Next, he began running his hands all over me.
He was desperate.

I began to get panicky.
Realisation struck.
"God!, what am I doing?" I thought.

"Stop",I commanded him.
It was a miracle that he could control himself at that instant.
I began to feel pangs of regret.
I always had been proud of my clean life.

He seemed unhappy.
I explained I wasn't comfortable.
He couldn't understand why.
I told him I had never cheated on my husband and God.

He followed me into the kitchen.
He grabbed my hand and kissed me again.
But now being clearly miserable,I pulled myself away.
And told him in no uncertain terms not to touch me again.

He departed soon.

I began to feel extremely guilty.
How would I face my dear ,loving,trusting husband again?
I kept asking God to forgive me for being so naive.
For coming thus far,disregarding His warning voices.

I disclosed the day's happenings to my husband in the evening.
He was aghast.
But he held his composure.
He gently reprimanded me for what I had just done.

He held me in his arms.
I cried for forgiveness.
It was tough,but he did.

Praise God for my wonderful husband.

I also thank God who protected me from any further untoward happenings that day.