We Waited Stories

Title: forever my boss    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


The first time I laid eyes on Matt he extended his hand to me to introduce himself as my new boss. I was interviewing with him for a new job and wouldve never forseen this handshake turning into anything more than a professional relationship.. From the second I met Matt, I thought he was the most attractive man I've ever seen. He had big brown eyes, longer than usual black hair and a smile that made me wish he wasn't my boss when he flashed it at me. I didn't know how I would keep my composure around such a stunning man, but I had to try. Over the months working together I heard quite a lot about Matt and his past relationships through co-workers. None of it very positive. But through the months coming I saw that God had a different path for us than just boss and employee...It started out with him calling me to talk about work outside of work, and then calling to ask about my day or what my plans were for the coming weekend. We enjoyed being around each other so much at work and every one could see the connection between us. I just never thought in all my years that this man would want anything to do with me, especially try to pursue me. But it happened. We would stay up talking for hours about each others pasts and enjoying every moment of it. Our first kiss didn't come for almost a month. By that time I was ready to just kiss him and apologize later. But waiting for that kiss made it unforgettable. It was during one of our intimate talks, suddenly a smirk appeared on his face like something was on his mind. He grazed my lips with his fingertips and then held my face as he leaned in and gave me the most passionate kiss of my whole life. That first kiss marked our forever together. 2 weeks ago he got down on one knee and infront my my family and God asked me to be his wife. As long as I waited for the kiss, you can't imagine how excited I am for us to do a little more..as husband and wife..