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Title: Special Weekend    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


We found that things were getting a bit routine in our Love making and things were getting stale, so we came up with a little thing we called our special Saturday night.

What we did was decided on all of the rules together first.

We sat down and made a short list of about 5-10 things that each of us liked that the other did during our love making then we each made a list of what we would like to have the other do during love making.

We then made a list of things that each was willing to try out of the ordinary.
We emailed our list to each other then discussed what were acceptable things for the both of us and what was not.

Then we picked the second Saturday of each Month for our day.

(you pick whatever you both agree upon)

We set a time that the email had to be sent by.

On that day we sent an email describing what we wanted to happen and how it was to be carried out.