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Title: How To Cut The U.S. Budget    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


One way we can cut the budget is to stop giving money to countries that do not allow religous freedom.

Most countries do not allow religious freedom. And they do not give women freedom. And most of these countries turn a blind eye to slavery or even openly allow slavery.

Go to persecution.com and click on "Restricted Nations" to see all the countries that do not allow religious freedom. Even though these countries kill anyone who tries to share their faith of being a Christian, we continue to give them billions of dollars. Dollars we don't have. Dollars we have to borrow from China and Japan.

Why ruin our country by giving these countries money we borrow, when they already hate us and hate everything we stand for?

We prop up these inhumane governments up with U.S. foreign aid. It is time we stopped doing this.