Wedding Night Stories

Title: roses in the trunk    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


We had dated for 10 years before Dan popped the question. He didn't just pop the question, but he arranged everything, even the little details in order to make that day a very special day. The 4th of May, he told me he wanted to throw a barbecue party by the beach because it was my birthday. So he invited all of our close friends. Then he suddenly told me to get something in the trunk of his car. I was a bit annoyed; I thought "why couldn't you get it yourself?" When I opened the trunk, dozens of love-shaped pink balloons flew out and the bottom of the trunk was full of red roses, with blue roses on top of them forming "will you marry me?"

I was confused and definitely surprised. He was suddenly standing behind me with that sweet smile, already holding a ring in his hand .Everybody was watching and my brother was recording the whole event with his camcorder. Dan went down on one knee and asked solemnly in a deep voice "Baby, will you be my wife?" I knew he was nervous. During the first few seconds, every single minute for the past 10 years flashed in my mind: how we met, started dating, kissing, everything that he had done for me, and all the things we went through together hand in hand. What else can I say?

"Yes, Honey, I will." I answered him in a trembling voice as I was crying. He got up and put the ring on my finger; tears of joy ran down my cheeks.

"I love you" he whispered in my ear.

Another 10 years have passed and now we're blessed with a 3 year-old daughter and a 6 year-old son. He still whispers those 3 words to me every day and night. I love it when he does that.