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Title: 100 Letters    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Early in our relationship, the man I was courting told me that his love language was "words of affirmation." So, without telling, one day I decided to write him a letter a day for 100 days. In each one I shared something different that I appreciated about him as well as recounting some small story of our adventures or escapades together that day. When this project was done I had them bound into a book and tucked it away to give to him on our wedding night--a beautiful recounting of how I fell in love with him.

To my great surprise, he had also kept a secret from me during those early days. Once a week, from the day we started courting until the day he proposed, he had been writing me a love letter. As he wrote each of these letters he would put it in an envelope, seal it with wax, and then put it into a beautiful little oak box he had carved to match my hope chest. He too had been saving these to give to me on our wedding night, and between tears of joy and love at one another's thoughtfulness, we leaned against one another and laughed--we were a better match than we'd realized!

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A reader says ... How wonderful!!