Honeymoon Stories

Title: my sweet memories    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


We went for our honey moon to a very sweet and loving place in India that is called Shimla and we spend there lots of quality time. That was the time when we came close to each other. It was most precious time of my life and wish to live that life once again and once again wanna go on honeymoon with my hubby.There he touched me for the first time.

I and my hubby had our first night in our honeymoon. We felt each other very closely. After many months of preparation, stress and an emotionally-charged day, it's time to spend your first night together as a married couple!

Honeymoon plays an important role for the newlywed couples where they can express their true love and it is simply a gateway of romantic life from where they start new life. Honeymoon is the traditional and romantic holidays taken by the newlyweds in order to spend few days together far from their family members to express their true love and romantic feelings to each other