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Title: Love in romance    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Whether you've been a couple for six months or sixty years there is a need for romance to keep the relationship vital. Romantic gestures can be anything from simple things you do for one another every day, to a homemade gift, to a grand gesture. These romantic ideas will help spark your creativity and inspire you to bring more romance into your life.
A Tissue Box of Love
This is a tissue box filled with love notes. Take all the tissues out of a tissue box and write a sweet message or saying on each one. Then fold and place them back in the box so they can be pulled out normally. Each time your special someone takes a tissue they'll also have a sweet reminder of your love.
Plan a picnic in a park, forest, on the shore of a lake or at the beach. Find a quiet and private spot wherethe two of you can be alone and enjoy each other's company. Pack sandwiches, potato salad and fruit or try something more gourmet such as breadcrumb-crusted chicken, couscous and broccoli salad. Bring a book to read together, a blanket to lay on or even a football or Frisbee.