Unconditional Love Stories

Title: Sex is God's blessing    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Sex is one of God's great gifts. He loves us and desires us to have pleasure. Everytime we have sex we are thanking God for his creation. He gives us the nerve endings, he gives us the organs. It is only by the powerful grace of God that we are able to have sex. He died on the Cross for our sins. He cleansed us. Married Sex is sex as it was in the Garden, Adam and Eve cavorting in each other's love on a daily basis. But with the Fall even this most blessed of gifts was corrupted. But with God's redeeming love sex can become what it was meant to be once more. Jesus Christ loves us as we loved him. Pray every day that you are able to please your spouse. Pray every day that you will always be thankful to God for his glorious gift of sex. There is no greater exploration of intimacy than Sex with a partner. Don't squander God's glorious gift by exploring sex with someone who can't truly possibly understand the meaning of it. Sex within marriage is God's gift to us. Imagine that first night. You came into the bedroom and saw your spouse before you, bare and vulnerable for the first time. And then you unite and become one flesh and everything you've always wondered about became reality. Did you give God the glory for that? I'd bet many of us didn't. Why shouldn't we give God almighty the glory for his creation? He invented sex, not us. He's the one who thought it was a good idea. What a creative and awesome God we have!