Unconditional Love Stories

Title: He Came Back    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


When we had only been dating a few months my boyfriend decided we weren't mean to be together. So he dumped me, on a Sunday...right after church. It was just awful and I, who usually bounce back, just couldn't get over it.

I followed the rules, removed anything that reminded me of him and didn't initiate any contact. He, however, could not seem to manage the no contact part. He continued to call and e mail. He told me about a new girl he was seeing, his work stresses and often mentioned how he wished he could come over and just be with me. I always just listened and tried my best to offer objective advice and comments. I slipped though, and told him one night that I couldn't help it, I loved him still, and I always would. I hung up the phone crying. One night, after I came home from a date, he came over. I let him in and he sat on my couch and cried and told me he'd made a big mistake, that he was never meant to be with anybody but me. It had been only 3 weeks but it felt like years to me. All I prayed for was for him back, and about 2 weeks in, that prayer changed to "just let me find somebody who needs me." It turns out he is the one that needs me. We plan to marry next year.