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Title: Possible Testimony of Beauty Queen as If by Queen Esther    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


A Possible Testimony of a Godly
Beauty Queen, as if Written by Famous
Queen Esther, and With Many Christian Principles.

I am a Jewish Beauty Queen, who loves God, my husband, and family. I am fully committed to being a loving wife and mother, someone whom my husband and little children can feel secure in. I am not a woman who casually has intimate friendships and sex with whoever, and thus is not a secure partner to anyone. I know too many Beauty Queens as well as Movie Stars are loose as such, but Beauty Queens don't have to be like that. I am a woman who believes in a lifestyle that provides for secure partners and children, and believe broken relationships and divorce are one of the greatest pains us adults might experience, as well as being one of the worst forms of child abuse, which abuse leaves children grievously torn and disturbed. Yet, I as a Beauty Queen, am still ready to display the special beauty God has given to me, in an observe only manner, to all those who appreciate it. Why should I not? I actually replaced another queen who was rejected because she refused to come forth to show her special beauty to the King's guests at his great feast, and should I then refuse to display my beauty, and be displeasing like the queen I replaced? (Esther 1:10-2:17). Yet I wish all those in observing me, or the beauty of any Beauty Queen, would thank God for our beauty, and would (as they can and should), contribute this special beauty, to their own wives, and love and respect their own wives more because of realizing how special God's creation of woman really is and can be.

I being a Beauty Queen who very much respect God and my family, should not be accused of carelessly or merely creating lust, as lust is an evil thing that very much leads to disobedience to God's laws and death (Jam 1:15, 1 John 3:4), while simply observing and realizing the best beauty of woman, by no means must do such, and rather can cause good men to additionally revere and love both our Creator, as well as their wives. Evil people can lust after or covet any beautiful thing that they might see, and might steal and kill trying to get it, but good people by seeing the same can be moved to additionally honor the one who created such beautiful things, as well as to more highly esteem what is created. One of our Jewish books has a special portion called the Song of Songs, and which graphically describes another Beauty Queen, as from head to toe, and which Queen likely was even more beautiful than I. Although some nations might accuse this romantic Song of including verbal pornography, we Jews very much honor this Song, even calling it the Song of Songs (Song 7:1-7). Regarding the word "pornography", it very much should be known and remembered that it literally and technically means; depictions or displays of fornication (any sinful sexuality), while descriptions of the special beauty of woman as given in the Song of Songs, or simply observing a Beauty Queen as I, by no means must be judged or classified as "depictions of fornication". I as a Godly Queen, who seeks humility, am not jealous of other Beauty Queens as are some self centered Beauty Queens, and don't mind if my husband beautifies me with, and contributes to me the beauty of the most beautiful Beauty Queens on earth. Actually it can make him love and desire me more.

Many Godly men within our nation even had numerous wives, and whom God particularly said He gave to them, (2 Sam 12:8), and it appears they loved each wife similar to how a parent can love more than one child. Children must and can readily share their parents, and cannot us Jewish wives somewhat as such share our husband with fellow wives? I know this seems very strange to some nations, but to us it does not seem strange at all. I also know that when our very famous King David was old and feeble, my people actually sought out the most beautiful young woman in our nation to come and lie in his bosom, to see if she could bring warmth to him and bring him back to vigor and health, and which maid was to be another of David's wives or concubines (1 King 1:1-4). I am not saying this was normal, but we all loved our special King and wanted to provide the best for him and wanted him to live. Clearly us Jews are not opposed to the best beauty of women, or sexuality. Although these manners might seem strange and liberal to other nations, these things do not mean our nation is lawless, as my people yet have good laws about sexuality, and which are to protect us and our society, rather than to deprive us.

I was taught that woman's beauty and mankind's sexual characteristics are like fire and glue, and which if used rightly can wondrously join and warm, and make happy and secure partners. I likewise was taught that mankind's sexuality if misused, like misused fire and glue can dreadfully devour or make a miserable sticky mess. Yes, humanity's sexuality if misused and dealt with carelessly, often results in great jealousy, hate, disappointment, fear, and much anxiety, rather than bringing about the special warmth, bonding, and secure love, that man's sexuality was designed to create when used rightly. I also was taught that man's sexuality is like a river that is a splendid and wonderful thing when inside of it's banks, but when outside of it's banks it becomes a very dangerous and damaging force. I also was taught that just like trying to stop a river, simply does not work, so also trying to dam up humanity's sexuality neither works. Rather humanity's sexuality must be allowed to flow, yet within its banks, where it blesses, refreshes, and does not infringe on others. Some nations have tried to stop the river of man's sexuality, especially with regards to their leaders, and its waters or pressures then have often broken out in evil ways, and has caused sexual abuse of children and other damaging sexual acts within their nation and among their leaders.

I also was taught that same sex relations are not appropriate, as such manners are strange and contrary to a healthy and normal society, as well as to God's design. I was taught that the environment of same sex couples is unfair to and quite disorienting to children. Should children be made to think of marriage and families consisting of two dads, or two moms? Is that not very strange and wrong? Yet same sex couples at times want to be classified as honorably married, and want to adopt children. Why should same sex couples have more children than they as a couple can give birth to? I as a Jewish woman was taught infection and sickness needs appropriate help and treatment, not classification as health, and which I believe would apply to this issue.

I also as a Jewish girl was taught that divorce, very much should be avoided if at all possible, as it is a bad solution, although in some rare cases divorce might still be the best solution (if worthy to be called a solution). Regarding the institution of marriage I was taught that marriage was made for man, and not man for marriage, meaning that marriage was made to serve man and not man to serve marriage. Thus man and his well being is more important than marriage itself. The laws God gave to us Jews regarding these things, are good laws intended to preserve and protect rather than to imprison, inflict, or deprive. Our famous King David often rejoiced in God's good judgments, saying they were sweet like honey and the honey comb (Psa 19:9-10). He even said he would walk at liberty for he sought God's precepts (Psa 119:45).

I also know that some nations, unlike us Jews, are so frantic or frenzied about exposure or nudity, that they might almost be glad Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree in the beginning to prevent continued nudity. Yet do people consider or realize how the Beauty Queen I replaced was to appear, when the King called her forth to display her beauty to his guests? Regarding us Jews not being so frantic or frenzied about exposure or nudity, God asked one of our prophets, called Isaiah, to actually go about in the nude as a sign to us of the hardships that would come upon us if we disobeyed our God (Isa 20:2-4). Various of our prophets for some reason prophesied while very exposed or nude (1 Sam 19:24, Micah 1:8). Even our famous King David greatly unclothed himself while dancing and moving the Holy Ark of the Covenant, and when accused by one of his wives for uncovering himself like one of the dancers, had no apology but rather said he would uncover himself yet as this (2 Sam 6:20-22, Greek Septuagint). Further, obviously David our King would not have done anything He felt amiss, in his exposure, while moving the Holy Ark, as shortly before this God struck one of our people dead, for acting improperly while moving this very Holy item (2 Sam 6:7-9)!

I as a Jewish Beauty Queen am also aware that presently some erring nations are almost more ready to honor same sex couples, than to honor me as a Beauty Queen, saying I simply instigate evil lust. Our God has spoken about some who call good evil and evil good (Isa 5:20). We Jews believe the nations are very confused regarding sexual issues, as some nations have basically no sexual restrictions or secure family order, while other nations are very oppressive regarding these things. Some erroneously restrictive nations, disallow marriage among their elders, and even require women to veil their faces. In the past some harsh nations and teachers almost totally disallowed sex even in marriage, and made both marriage partners, and the unmarried tremendous difficulty by their oppressive rules and teachings. Our famous King David could not have said their evil laws were like honey on the honey comb, as he spoke of concerning our God's laws. Yes, I as a Godly Beauty Queen rather think some of their laws were actually the doctrines of Devils, rather than good laws as our famous King David spoke of (1 Tim 4:1-3). We Jews think it very sad that erring nations have portrayed our good God, as one having such harsh laws that many people, and not surprisingly, have turned against God, thinking that the evil doctrines of Devil's are God's laws. The evil teachings of these harsh teachers, is still influencing many nations in our world, some more than others, and is one reason feminine beauty and I as a Beauty Queen am still despised by many today.

We Jews believe that a most important issue about sexuality, as well as many other subjects, is to simply treat others like we want to be treated, and to be balanced and moderate, rather than given to excesses. It is most important that a Beauty Queen is kind and considerate. A Beauty Queen without kindness and discretion really is not a Queen at all, but is a vain person, and it can be better for a man to live in the corner of a housetop, or in the wilderness, than with a angry and contentious woman, regardless of her beauty (Pro 31:30 & 21:9&19 ). Yes, a gentle and delightful smile is a most important part of what makes any woman beautiful. In conclusion, I to whom God has given great beauty, wish all to know God's good statutes which are like honey on the honeycomb, and to be at liberty to enjoy what God created to be enjoyed. Can you imagine us Jewish women, who in the past have been wondrously clothed with scarlet, and many delights, and with beautiful ornaments (2 Sam 1:24), now going about with our heads, our ornaments, and possibly even faces covered with an unattractive veil of some kind, as some nations do today? We Jews believe woman's longer hair is a glory to her, and given her for a covering, and instead of the unattractive veil some nations require their women to wear (1 Cor 11:15). We Jews believe woman is intended to be a glory to man, and should thus have "power" meaning freedom, about her head, like the beautiful angels have about their heads (1 Cor 11:7&10). Yes we believe woman's longer hair is to be a glory to her, and she to man. We Jews also believe when our Messiah comes He will seek to set the captives free, and to remove the oppressive commandments of men, and believe when the nations turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away (Isa 61:1, 2 Cor 3:16-18). Yet we also know that stanch religious people often are too convinced and proud to admit any error, and thus they might even be less ready to heed our coming Messiah, than the harlot's and the heathen (Matt 21:31-32). Regarding face veiling, Abraham's great grandson, Judah, thought a woman to be a harlot because she veiled her face (Gen 38:14-15). Regarding Jewish women, King's of gentile nations in seeing their beauty desired them for wives, while our famous Judith by her great beauty allured, then deceived and slew the captain of the enemy. No, our beauty is not an insignificant matter, and if used rightly can wondrously bless mankind. Our famous King David said he would walk at liberty because he sought God's precepts, and I, as well as my people, want you to seek and do the same!

Contributed to Queen Esther

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