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Title: The Precursor to Erotic Videos - Song Of Solomon    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Song of Solomon is an erotic story in our Bible.

It is a sex story where the man and woman describe their physical bodies and physical love for each other while friends listen, look on and comment on how much they love listening and watching the lovers.

Take for example Song Of Solomon Chapter 1. It starts out with the female lover saying "Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for your love is more delightful than wine. Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out. No wonder the young women love you! Take me away with you let us hurry! Let the king bring me into his chambers."

Some observations about the female lover's first remarks about her male lover. She acknowledges that her lover (King Solomon) has other female lovers when she says "No wonder the young women love you!". And we know from the Bible that Solomon had around 1400 wives and concubines. Next she says to her male lover, "Take me away with you - let us hurry! Let the king bring me into his chambers." This sure sounds like they are going to the bedroom for sex.

In the next verses of Chapter 1 of Song of Solomon we discover the king and his lover are not alone. They have friends with them who apparently are headed for the bedroom too to enjoy watching their lovemaking.

The friends say, "We rejoice and delight in you; we will praise your love more than wine." It sure seems like this is a situation where the friends watched the king and his lover make love.

The entire book is this dialog between the female lover, the male lover and the "friends".

Song of Solomon sure seems like the Bible days version of an erotic video. Maybe, eventually it became a play that was acted out in front of an audience. It is an erotic tale about love between a king and one of his lovers, that the friends enjoyed listening to and watching - and the friends do comment that they find the lovers in the tale attractive, entertaining as they, "love their love more than wine".

Why did God put Song of Solomon in the Bible? Possibly God put it there to show married couples that erotic materials are not condemned by God and that erotic materials like erotic videos can be used in a marriage to help married couples become aroused so they can have a mutually satisfying love life.

It is no secret that wives get turned on by erotic videos. My wife sure does. We don't use them that often but when we do it is a real treat for my wife - she gets so turned on. I don't get turned on by the videos. I get turned on when she gets turned on. When she is hot then I get turned on. When we do use the videos - it really feels like the first time. Our secret is not just that we watch erotic videos, it is also - "moderation in everything".

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:49:54 PM

A reader says ... Why did the Old Testament law say men could bring home virgin girls from the war zone and rape them and keep them as slaves if they liked them. Who can explain this?

A reader says ... Why did the Bible not condemn the incident when King David was old and they thought it was perfectly acceptable to find the most beautiful virgin 14 year old girl and have her sleep with him and lay on top of him most likely naked in order to keep him warm? Today that would land you in prison for a lifetime, but back then it was a great idea.

A reader says ... Personally I do not believe God said a lot of the things in the Old Testament that do not seem like the God you and I know.

Instead I believe whoever sat in Moses seat, spoke for God and it was written down in the Old Testament that God said it, but really scribes made it up or someone said God said it.

Jesus condemned divorce and said that Moses gave the law on divorce and that the law did not reflect God's original intent for marriage. However looking at the Old Testament law, it doesn't say it was given by Moses, it says it was given by God. So Jesus basically was saying that even though the Old Testament law on divorce says it was from God, it really wasn't from God but from Moses.

We can apply this principle that Jesus introduced, to all the verses in the Old Testament that don't seem like they are from God.

Another verse that backs up this theology is when Jesus said in Matthew 23 verses 1 to 4:

1 Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples: 2 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses seat. 3 So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. 4 They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other peoples shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them."

Jesus is pointing out that whoever sits in Moses seat speaks for God so you have to obey what they say. However from the rest of what Jesus says in these verses and the rest of the Chapter it is clear that Jesus dispises what they teach and even says that they go to great distances to make converts who then become twice the son of hell that they are. So Jesus thinks the Pharisees are "sons of hell". He also calls them white washed tomb stones.

So even though the Old Testament has a lot of things that don't seem like they are from God, we don't have to throw out the Old Testament. We just need to interpret it the way Jesus did and use our conscience to know what is right and wrong. So even though the Bible does not condemn premarital sex if the woman is not engaged and her Dad doesn't care whether she stays a virgin, we still know in our heart that waiting for marriage to have sex, is God's best. However we need to be careful not to condemn the world for something God does not condemn them for.

A reader says ... Another time public nudity is mentioned in the Old Testament is when God was upset with the nation of Israel and said they were like a harlot or prostitute because they were worshipping other gods.

And so God, speaking as if the nation of Israel was a woman, said he would expose her nudity to the public as a form of humiliation.

A reader says ... Another time public sex is mentioned in the Old Testament is when God made King David's wives have sex with David's son in public. God did this as a punishment to David for having killed Bathsheeba's husband.

It is interesting that God did not think it was an offense to the public for him to make David's son have sex with David's wives in public. He just saw it as humiliation for David.

I think the reason that God did not think it was offensive to the public is because maybe the public were accustomed to public nudity and maybe seeing people have sex in public. I know that during Roman times slaves were sold naked in the market place.

A reader says ... Another time it was wrong to have sex in the Old Testament was when a woman was engaged. If she cheated on her husband she could be stoned. I don't think there was a law against her soon to be husband to have sex with, say a prostitute or non-virgin or unmarried woman or slave during their engagement.

A reader says ... The answer is that God's laws were put there to protect people and their possessions. The incest laws do go beyond protecting possessions.

Hetrosexual sex, itself is never condemned by God - except in the incest laws. Paul says it is natural in the New Testament. So the laws in the Old Testament that limit when you can have sex (beyond the incest laws), are there to protect people's possessions. Having sex with another man's wife, was stealing his wife. But a married man could have sex outside of marriage and the law did not condemn that as long as it was not another man's wife or a virgin.

See the virgin was the Dad's property - he received a bride price for her. That is why if you raped or had sex with a virgin, you had to pay the Dad the bride price or marry her, if the Dad wanted you to. Once a woman was not a virgin and she was not married, then she wasn't anyones property and so there were no laws that protected her. I know this sounds harsh but that is how it worked. I didn't make up these laws - I'm just telling the truth of what they were. You can read the Old Testament too and see I'm telling the truth.

A reader says ... So no big penalty for having sex with a virgin? Just pay the father or marry her? But if you had sex with a married woman - the penalty was death? And then no penalty for having sex with a prostitute or a non-virgin? Why didn't God give the same penalty for all sex outside of marriage?

A reader says ... Yes that does seem odd. The penalty for having sex with a virgin was to pay the Dad the bride price or marry the girl if her Dad prefered that.

The penalty for having sex with another man's wife was stoning to death.

There were not Old Testament laws condemning any other hetrosexual sex - except for the incest laws.

Wow they were liberal back there in the Old Testament - I agree. That is why Solomon had 1400 wives and concubines (live in prostitutes).

Hey I didn't make up these laws - The Old Testament says God made them up.

A reader says ... So we can have as much premarital sex with non-virgins as we want? I don't know about that. Since we aren't supposed to have sex with a virgin in the first place we probably shouldn't have sex with a non-virgin. I can't steal, but I can steal from a thief?

A reader says ... The New Testament uses the Greek word for "Sexual Immorality" not premaritial sex. And since the New Testament never defines "Sexual Immorality" we have to go to the Old Testament for the definition.

In the Old Testament the only premaritial heterosexual sex that was condemned by law was sex with a virgin. The only time in the New Testament that we have a clarification of the laws on sex is where Paul says he condemns going to a prostitute. Of course the law on Divorce did change in the New Testament and also the idea of polygamy is condemned in the New Testament. But as far as premaritial sex (by non-virgins) - I don't recall it being condemned explicitly or defined in the New Testament or in the Old Testament. If you can find a reference please post it. Thanks.

A reader says ... Trust me, Bible scholars think Song of Solomon is an erotic book and there have been many books written about how erotic it is. It is twisting the truth to say it is not a sexually erotic book. And friends participating through watching and cheering them on, is not like a causual comment. These friends didn't just happen to be passing by. They are part of the play - part of the poem - part of the erotic story.

A reader says ... I wasn't saying the female lover is condoning multiple partners. I was just saying she is acknowledging that Solomon has other lovers. Solomon had 1400 wives and concubines. A concubine was a live in prostitute - she had no rights like a wife did.

As far as condoning muliple partners - God condoned polygamy in 2 Samuel 12:8 when God said to king David, "I gave your masters house to you, and your masters wives into your arms. I gave you all Israel and Judah. And if all this had been too little, I would have given you even more". Even though God condoned polygamy in the Old Testament, the New Testament teaches that elders and deacons should not have multiple wives. I call this "culture creep" when the Old Testament has God condoning something that later God condemns in the New Testament.

A reader says ... "No wonder the young women love you!" It seems a stretch to go from that statement to saying it's condoning sex with multiple partners. Who says the women who "love" him had sex with him, maybe his fragrances and the idea of his kiss or even a previous actual kiss(no sex involved) makes them love him. Nothing implies they already had sex.

On premarital sex the New Testament mentions sexual purity in plenty of places and presents marriage between one man and one woman. There are instances of a man with many women or concubines but this is always(i'm pretty sure) in the old testament and is always a part of the culture. Our culture generally views sex with one partner as wholesome. Plus the Song of Solomon tells us sex is for when the time is ripe, is the time ripe when you forget to take your birth control pill and concieve a child but don't plan on spending the rest of your life with this person you had sex with?

"We rejoice and delight in you; we will praise your love more than wine." Seems to make common sense to me that these are just friends who are happy for the couple. I can easily picture Jesus or an Apostle rejoicing in a couple being happy or even rejoicing that they have a good sex life but I can't picture them sitting in a chair watching a couple having sex in front of them. We need to be careful that we look at what the Bible has to say because we are looking for the truth of how to live our lives, not in order to find justification for our own habits or actions.

A reader says ... Something else that is interesting about Song Of Solomon. They have sex in the first Chapters and yet they don't get married until Chapter 4. So it is a book about pre-maritial sex. Not to mention the king has other wives so in today's world he would be comitting adultery.

And yet we condemn erotic videos because the porn stars aren't married. Actually many times the porn stars are married and their husbands allow them to participate in the porn movies because it makes the family money.

Oh well, we have some double standards, between what we condemn in our society and what we turn a blind eye to in the Bible. After all, Solomon was the wisest man ever to live on earth.

But God put Song of Solomon in the Bible to show us that using erotic materials in our marriage to help our love life - that is ok.

When we get to heaven and we tell God, our family failed, we ended up in divorce, our family life was horrible, because our sex life was non-existent, because we had no way for the husband and the wife to get turned on for each other - God is going to say, I sent a helicopter to rescue you - the helicopter was in the form of Song Of Solomon - the helicopter was in the form of - all you had to do is recognize that erotic materials are a life line when they are used to help the marriage - to help the marriage love life - why didn't you trust the helicopter and trust your husband? Why?