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Title: Love at it's best    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Love for Each Other & God Tested
That first year of our marriage was to say the least crazy ...something out of a horrible book. I, Jason, lost two jobs and Tina was battling mental illness that landed her in the mental health hospital. We also were spiritually drained as we were struggling to stay afloat with commitment to church.

Being happy wasn't something we seemed to grasp. Every day was a struggle. Marriage is hard work but it is very rewarding! We knew we loved God and each other and every night we prayed and thanked God for life and each other even though it took every ounce of our being to cling to God and one another.

It is hard to pray in times like that. Believe me I know. But these times are the ones we should be praying in the most. Satan hates happy marriages. He will fight you at every turn.

The next years didn't get much better. We were without a permanent home and lived with in-laws for 3 years. If you want to know how strong your love and devotion is to your spouse try living with others. There is no alone time and you can't simply cling only to each other as the Bible says to do.

We were thankful though and learned a great deal of things in what seems now a short period of time. We learned not to go to bed mad and to take every moment and cherish it with your spouse because that privacy and moment will quickly fade.

Our spiritual life continued to grow stronger too as we learned through our marriage just how much God loves us and we now know what unconditional love looks like. Although we cannot fully grasp how much God truly loves us! As we continue to mature and grow in our individual lives our marriage and spiritual lives with God grows as well.

Today we still face many battles but the journey of our marriage is not yet over. Tina has recovered by the grace of God but now I face my own mental illness as well. I have to watch as my wife goes to work a part time job and I struggle with an illness that is only in God's control. Being unhealthy is not fun!

She is helping me as I once helped her. It is a struggle but we still love each other. Forgiveness and understanding is rare in this world. But when you love your spouse as God says to it isn't hard to stick it out together.

Healthy Marriage

I and my wife have learned that both of us have strengths and weakness' and at different times we are called upon to use those strengths for each other. This new battle has taught us to take things in stride and lean very much on God.

At times we have to guard our words and remember how the other feels but we know that we both love and would never hurt intentionally one another. Communication is one of the most important things to a healthy marriage. We try in our marriage to keep it going. Sometimes we even talk about nothing.

We have committed our lives to ministering to each other and also others. We want our story to reach out to other couples who find themselves at the beginning like lost sheep, feeling afraid to mess up...or those who need an encouraging word and uplifting hand from somebody who's been there.

We want the story of our marriage to be used in telling people of God's love and that there is a great and better way for happy marriages to be than to end in bitter divorce. We pray that as you view this site that your heart would be softened and your life be renewed by the the things you read here. Please commit yourself to be the best spouse you can be and also the best servant of God you can be. It is the best way to have a happy marriage.


A Happy Marriage

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