We Waited Stories

Title: Waiting on God    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Well I'm a Christian guy who has waited for God to bring a beautiful wife into his life. It hasn't happened yet but I know that it will. I'm just waiting for God to move in this area of my life. We singles don't have to worry about sex. All we have to do is trust our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He will provide for all our romantic needs, no matter how long we must wait. He only wants what's best for us. God knows more than we do. He knows that we are weak. But porn and erotica are not the answer to that question. We all struggle with lust. It's a part of being human. I don't want those ugly, nasty secondary things. I want the first time I see a naked woman to be my wife on our wedding night. I want to present myself undefiled before her. We will join each other as virgins on our wedding night. And I believe that is what God wants and it's what I intend to do.