We Waited Stories

Title: Not 30 yet    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


It was a hot summer day when I met her, the woman of my dreams. As she rose to introduce herself at this small little church, I was mesmerized by her voice and her smile, both filled the room with a light that was previously absent. At the meal following the service, I quickly introduced myself and felt myself all the more drawn to this true beauty that God himself had made. The rosy cheeks, the smile, and eyes that drew one to look at them.

As we parted ways, I couldn't help shake this woman from my thoughts. We had enrolled in the same training course and would be sharing a classroom for months to come. This was the beginning...the beginning of a romance that is still writing today. For in a little under two months, I knew this was the woman God had for me.

Though short in stature, the more I talked to this lovely vessel the more I saw the love of Christ in her. The more I talked to her the more I was drawn to her beauty. I was 29 when we met and had never held a girl's hand let alone kissed a woman. When we agreed to marry and felt that this was God's doing, I asked her that night if I could hold her hand. Yes, just her hand. When our hands met, it was like lighting flowing through my whole body. From that night forward, we renewed our commitment to wait...wait to give our virginity to one another till our honeymoon after the wedding.

It began slowly with hand holding, and eventually, weeks passed and we progressed to hugging and after 3 months of engagement, our first kiss. What a moment it was as our lips met, having never met another pair of lips before. It was magical, amazing, and shot through one in a moment! This began the gradual advancement of touch as our wedding day drew near. But we dug our heals in and guarded our commitment: no intercourse, oral sex, or clothing removal till the honeymoon. It was hard, real hard, as our two bodies yearned to do what God had designed them to do.

Each day that passed called upon us to put in place new, tougher safe guards so that we could honor God and His holy calling for sex being for marriage only. Upon that day in May, as we said our vows, we had waited. It was hard, harder, and hardest, but when our lips met as husband and wife we knew that we had done what was most honoring to God!

As we drove away to our honeymoon hotel, it was with joy, fear, and excitement as we anticipated the coming consummation. With no pressure to have intercourse or anything that night, we went to bed, and went to sleep. Really, for about 6 hours we slept, husband and wife, side by side, and rested the pure rest of two virgins on the verge of consummation.
Well, after sleeping we gave to each other the greatest wedding present ever: virginity. Had we done it, no but God had. By His grace alone, we had not violated our commitment to Him. When we left the hotel the next day having exchanged these gifts, we left with the knowledge that God was pleased.

I had always wondered if I would ever marry and consummate my marriage before I turned 30. Well, I had waited, and 27 days before my 30th birthday, God gave my wife to me in the most intimate way possible. I was not 30 yet...and married.