We Waited Stories

Title: Waiting is the 'glue' that God designed    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My wife and I were in our early twenties when we married. I had grown up in a Christian home, and my wife in a partially Christian home. We both had opportunities to lose our virginity before we met each other, but thankfully, we did not give that up. The most we had ever done was kiss, held hands, with each other or others we had dated. We dated about 8 months before we got engaged, and then were married 5 months later. One time we were tempted to go a little too far when we were alone, but thankfully God the Holy Spirit convicted us, and we stopped before any clothes came off.

I remember well the night we were married. My best man drove us to the reception in my car. Finally legal, and w/ God's blessings, we laid passionate and fervent kisses on each other in the back of the car. I remember the freedom the Holy Spirit gave me. My dream for as long as I had liked girls (a LONG time) was looking forward to that first time of touching the contour of a woman's breast. As we kissed passionately, I began rubbing the front of her chest, and feeling her breasts. She was very surprised I was doing this, as she is a very shy girl, and very discreet and modest. This bugs me sometimes, but I have to admit, it balances me out, as I'm a bit chancy at times, and it is very attractive in her. I remember the beads coming off the front of her wedding dress as I rubbed her. My heart was racing, and I was finally FREE to touch! Wow! How exciting.

If you're a single or engaged person reading this, please hear me when I say, if you do these things before marriage, part of the thrill and sexual glue that God has designed to hold marriages together is missing. Your excitement will be missing in part, because you've tasted that which you should've waited for. Of course, if you messed up already, God can and does forgive. I'm just reaching out to those who are debating about leaping off the bridge. Please don't. My wife and I are over 20 yrs now, and we've never had sex w/ anyone else. This is PART of the glue God designed for marriages. And I think we all agree, marriages today can use all the glue they can get! Amen!