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im curious about your site. i want to read what others have posted. are these true encounters or romantic fantasies? i found your site when trying to learn more about how to better love my spouse. the romance can be hard to keep alive when life hits. we both can do better....

I'm sure we're all a little this way, but I'm always wondering if other marriages are full of romance and ours is the one that's on high center. we've had our years where romance was easier, but throw in the trials of this life, young kids, non-stop activities, our own personal shortcomings...and poof, there went what was once an easier romance to kindle. The truth is, the difficulties of this life make us not as 'fun' as we once were. They help us to grow, that's for sure. But oh to be 20 again with not a care in the world but what we were going to do that night for enjoyment.

Editor: Thanks for your comment. Some stories are true and others made up, and some probably are exagerated. You are right, you have to work at keeping your marriage romance alive. Hope you find some writings that encourage you in your marriage and in your walk with God. Thanks.

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:49:55 PM

A reader says ... You should join this site for sure. The mix of true stories and fantasy is nice. It's not a how-to instructional guide. But you will find ideas, inspirations, and fuel for your own romance. It's not about comparing, it's more of a celebration. These stories don't always reflect everyday life and trials (I'm in a similar spot to you), but they are snapshots of the most memorable, hot, erotic, fun moments -- which together are a celebration of God-honoring sexuality!