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Title: Need an advice    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I am 26years old i have been married for 5years now i have 3years and 4years old kids..i am really depress of my husband keep cheating on me he is great father and a loving husband he shows us too much affection but i don't know why he keep cheating on me.i have confront him many times he said he doesn't know why he acts like this he loves me so much but why does he keep hurting me i can't stand it anymore anytime we have sex i jus keep imagine him with other woman what should ido i can't leave him and i don't want to stay with him anymore but i can't afford god live for my kids as a single parent..please i need an advice over what i should do...he keep having affairs with girls and have seen many messages on his cell phone he chat with her and tell her the same lovely words he tells me it really hurts finding out things like that