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Title: Unique Occurrences That Gave Sexual Advice    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


First of all I want to thank the founder of this site for their efforts and desire to bless mankind and marriages. I would like to do the same. In searching for truth, I have had many VERY UNIQUE THINGS happen in my life, that quite obviously are more than just coincidence, and which rather were to teach me, and help liberate me regarding feminine beauty and sexuality. These unique occurrences, together with discovering numerous surprising things in my extensive research (which included researching and learning Greek), almost forced me to turn from my very restrictive manners regarding feminine beauty. I further was a bit amazed, when I checked for things that happened on my birthday (Feb 10, 1961), and discovered that the well known model Marilyn Monroe was released from a locked psychiatric ward at the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic on that day, as well as the massive Niagara Falls hydro-power plant was first put into operation on that day. Considering my particular situation in life, I thought the Marilyn Monroe and Niagara Falls incidents on my birthday quite interesting. Feminine beauty has a wondrous power and magnificence, and that can even surpass that of Niagara Falls, and for years now I have, as it were, been earnestly seeking to rescue it from the psychiatric ward or insane asylum, where error and ignorance have, as it were, placed it. I wrote very many articles in this effort.

Erring religion has placed women's best beauty in the psychiatric ward by shaming and disdaining it, and destroying it with very grievous, yet popular veiling traditions. Such has resulted in women often being very ignorant, fearful and guilty about their own best beauty, and especially about displaying it. Further regarding non religious people (or those who are not conservative), among them feminine beauty too often literally does end up in the psychiatric ward, as did Marilyn Monroe. Some of this is because too often people or fans for a time honor a beauty star beyond what is really good for them, and then later forsake them when they get down and really need help. How sad. Some models might also be suffering from undeserving shame and guilt. Yet too often selfish and loose living abounds among popular stars, and loose living often ends up at loose ends, rather than in security and tranquility.

May the water of truth, with the power of Niagara Falls, teach us the truth regarding both feminine beauty and sexuality, (as well as other things), and may my life, which began on the day the Niagara Falls power plant first issued forth it's power, do the same. It is very possible to admire and be inspired by the most beautiful flowers on earth without coveting them, or seeking to steal them, and likewise the best and most extraordinary beauty of women, does not need to cause evil, but if dealt with rightly can greatly inspire and bless mankind and even more than Niagara Falls. May women rather than being bound to ignorance, fear, and guilt, regarding their best and God given beauty, rather have joy and delight about it, and in displaying it at appropriate times, and which joy and delight very much enhances and perfects their beauty. Jewelry is almost worthless as compared to a joyful, uninhibited, and serene smile. Seeing and realizing the beauty of the most beautiful flowers can cause one to more highly esteem and appreciate all flowers, including those that are older and faded, as we know what they really represent and are.

I would very much appreciate if you would see my five page document regarding unique occurrences I have had, at the link given below. It very much relates to things spoken of above. The document includes related photos, and I think it would be worth your time. So many and related unique occurrences simply don't happen by mere coincidence. I know you too are concerned about feminine beauty and about it blessing mankind as it could and should, and are seeking to help people to live happily ever after, and I hope you are successful in your efforts. Note please take out the space in the web link to make the web link work."

God Bless

Note, another vital document on the subject can be seen at this link"