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Title: Obama Continues to Encourage Radical Islamists In Power    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Under the watch of Obama, the world has seen many countries turn from to radical Islamic regimes. Without the help and consent of Obama, this would not have happened.

First they called it the Arab Spring, making it look like it was democracy coming. But in the end it always ended up radical Islamists who took power.

Now for example in Egypt they are crucifying desenters - because the Koran demands it. And of cource the Muslim Brotherhood President claims he can do nothing about it. And of course Obama is silent about it and even continues to invite the Islamic President of Egypt to visit him in Washington this September.

If you care about Israel - vote for Romney.

If you care about western civilization - vote for Romney.

Another four years of Obama and - Israel will be wiped out and there will be a United Islamic Nations with most of Africa, all of the Middle East and many of the Eastern countries - they will have the atomic bomb and Western civilization will be seriously threatened.