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Title: Married Life.    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


My Wife and I both waited for our wedding night, which by all accounts was an amazing and beautiful experience. But what i didnt fathom was actually how good married life would be. I had always been told by married friends of ours that Married life isnt always easy and i believed them. But despite the ups and downs we have already experienced my wife and i are still the best of friends and the sex is fantastic. We are both still so in love and we remain so to this day. I do truly believe waiting till marriage helped our relationship. Married life is fantastic and i know im willing to go through anything with my wife, because we will be together. God really blesses marriage and plays a huge role in it. Before we were married there were definitely some points that were really hard to get through, and getting married is a big step, but i truly believe god was with us in every step of the way guiding my wife and i into one of lifes greatest commitments we can make. Learning to deal with the day to day challenges of marriage is an interesting feet non-the less and juggling work and family time is hard, but its all still worth it in the end and god gives my wife an I grace every day to take on lifes many challenges and the many challenges we face in marriage.