We Waited Stories

Title: Arranged marriage    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I became a Christian when I was 30. I decided that dating sucks and dared to trust God to provide a wife in His timing. The pastor's wife said she knew a girl I would like from her home town in Perth, Western Australia; however, I lived in Christchurch, New Zealand - 5000km away. I was invited to a bible conference where the church was planted, in Perth Western Australia. Unsurprisingly, the pastor's wife introduced me to her single friend. We liked each other, but knew we were being 'set up' by friends. The next two weeks was spent at the conference and hanging out with other friends. At the end I fasted for three days - I was determined to hear from God if she was the one I was to marry. I was not going to pursue this relationship unless I knew how it was going to develop. God did speak to me, through a Psalm; 'No good thing does He withold from those whose walk is upright'. It resonated in my spirit as an open door. We started to write to each other. 12 months later we met again at the next conference. We both agreed to always meet in the company of other people, never alone in a car or physical touch longer than 2 seconds. As a man, I find anything longer than 2 seconds gets my motor running! She agreed to come and visit my country 3 months later.

It was there that I asked her if she was willing to consider our relationship on a more permanent basis; but I wanted her to wait for 2 weeks once she was home to consider it, pray about it with wise friends and then I would formally ask her. She asked if we should spend more time getting to know each other. I said that as we were both in our 30's, committed prayerful Christians and trusted Him then getting to know each other would be our lifetime commitment. She also fasted and prayed to hear from God clearly about this; He said to her,'your reward is in God's hand'. 2 weeks later I asked her to marry me, she said yes. I wanted to honour her father, even though he wasn't a Christian. I rang him and he said yes. I asked her to arrange our wedding and I would travel over one week before our wedding. We wore white roses, because we were proud that we waited for any physical contact, met only with others around and our time together always started with prayer. From the time I met her, to the day of our wedding, I knew her 18 months in writing and 5 weeks face to face. We have just had our 21st wedding anniversary and 4 kids. We still start every day praying together. Our kids don't date, don't feel they need to to fit in, and know all things are possible with God. They too dare to trust God and His timing. Whenever we have felt incredibly irritated with each other, we are reminded of the time when God spoke to us in fasting - for me, she is my 'good thing...'; for her, I am 'your reward is in God's hand'.