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Title: Obama Supports Democracies?    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


When referring to the Arab Spring that has turned out to be the Islamic Awakening, Obama says he supports the Islamic governments that were democratically elected. He calls them democracies.

However, Obama a democracy provides human rights for its citizens. These governments do not give their citizens human rights.

Democracies do not have a religion as the law of the land - that is a Theocracy. In these countries Sharia Law is the law of the land - that is a Theocracy not a Democracy.

Obama should not be endorsing these governments that want to govern their citizens by 7th century laws and 7th century ways of dealing with people.

Muslims are sweeping the world - taking over country after country. They openly proclaim they will take over the world.

Why should we fund their progress with our tax dollars? Why not decide America will not give money to any country that does not give its people basic human rights? Why not make this an election issue?

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A reader says ... This is a romance site, not a political one. While I agree with you there are plenty of other places to express your views on this subject.