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Title: Am waiting too.    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I stumbled across this website in 2009 while surfing the net for some encouraging story as I was struggling with GOD's will concerning marriage. I didnt like the notion (as so many marriages fail), neither did I like HIS choice even after I descided to trust HIM to help me here because GOD chose a pastor for me! I read all the 'openable' stories as all the others required subscription and alas! I fell so soundly and deeply in love with him that waiting is a bit difficult now. Just thinking of him sends goose bumps shooting up all over my skin. The other day I thought so much of him that when I slept, I dreamt of him making love to me...,I woke startled,... I hope to keep you posted regarding my wedding coming up real soon. Hope this post gets published and someone gets helped like I was, blessings. Jackie.

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:56:39 PM

A reader says ... Jackie, that's a great thing! God has given you a man that you fully believe will be your future husband! That's normal and natural that you might dream about your honeymoon or married life. But waiting will be so worth it, especially for one that it's hard to wait for. And who knows, this pastor might be dreaming about you! Can I share 2 pieces of advice as a married veteran: (a) sexuality isnt a switch that gets turned on at the alter. Of course you will feel a sexual energy & attraction now... but better to relieve those urges yourself than be alone together when the temptation is high. (b) Write a journal/diary of your most intimate sexual thought & feelings about your FH. Even document in detail your masturbation sessions, private fantasies, and moments together where you were getting turned on. It's a very intimate exercise, and you can burn the journal if the wedding is called off. But one day (hint: anniversary #1= "paper") it can become his most cherished gift of all time!