Engagement Stories

Title: stev pls pick me up and swing me round again.    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


(A true experience):I had made up my mind not to chose my spouse myself as I know am a poor chooser of both friends and material things and marriage was one thing I could not afford to make a mess of. I decided to go to HIM who created and instituted marrige-GOD ALMIGHTY. I was totally unprepared for how HE turned every plan of mine and expectation inside out.,. I had met someone who proposed marriage to me. I said no because I had no peace.However, I thought I'd eventually be allowed to say yes. This was not to be so as I began seeing pictures of another man in my sleep who attended the same church as I but we never spoke and I was so sure he didnt notice me. After 3 of such dreams, this man called me one day out of the blue and requested to speak with me. I agreed and we set a date. I planned on tongue lashing him should the need arise. But on that day, he was so calm,honest and gentle, all my defences crumbled. Above all, I had peace about him but I resisted in my heart. Then it happened! I lost my ability to concentrate on all I was doing... All I could see was him and me playing in an orchard in my mind's eyes; he would hold me around the waist throw and catch me up in mid air, hugging and swinging me round. For once I couldnt stop someone from mercilessly invading my thoughts. I said a short but sincere prayer,,. and guess what? I regained concentration almost instantly ... To cut it short, stev and I are engaged, wedding coming up soon and am hopelessly in love with him *stev pls pick me up and swing me round again* ,.. Jackie.