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Title: Am waiting too...    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I stumbled across this website in 2009 while surfing the net for some encouraging story as I was struggling with GOD's will concerning marriage. I didnt like the notion (as so many marriages fail), neither did I like HIS choice even after I descided to trust HIM to help me here because GOD chose a pastor for me! I read all the 'openable' stories as all the others required subscription and alas! I fell so soundly and deeply in love with him that waiting is a bit difficult now. Just thinking of him sends goose bumps shooting up all over my skin. The other day I thought so much of him that when I slept, I dreamt of him making love to me...,I woke startled,... I hope to keep you posted regarding my wedding coming up real soon. Hope this post gets published and someone gets helped like I was, blessings. Jackie.