Engagement Stories

Title: So you refused to hold me?!    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I had finished choir practice so I gave him a call for so we had agreed. He came on his bike and picked me to drop me off half way so I could find my way home. The road we took was bumpy & rough & I had difficulty steadying myself on the bike. He asked me to hold onto him to keep steady as I clung to the back of the bike. I refused outrightly & we rode in silence. When we reached our destination, I came down but he made no attempt to leave, he leaned on his bike, looked at me & said rather than question: 'so u refused to hold me?' Now, there's something you need to know about me; I'm a very skeptical person & I'm sometimes a cynic. This guy & I are engaged, I loved him but til then, had doubted his love for me esp as he never made any attempt to touch me even in a handshake, I wasn't about to throw myself at him for fear of rejection. He spoke to me that day & I saw his 'keeping his distance' from a different perspective. By the way, we are waiting to get married before making love because we fear GOD (he's in his mid 30s & I in my early 30s). Among the things he said were that 'he wanted me so much' & frequently touching me would make abstaineinance harder; he told me he'd recently dreamed of being with me all night and when he woke, his boxers were wet with semen! He apologized for starving me of his touch but promised it would be alright... he then asked me to come to him for a hug, I slowly moved into his outstretched arms & wrapped my arms around his neck, he held me for some moments & then gently kissed my neck ever so lightly, I felt so jittery & my heart beat wildly. That night, my stomach clamped up & I lost my appetite for food when I got home. We reluctantly parted & I went home-I kept remembering his lips on the bare skin of my neck. . . . Sometimes, the waiting is really tough but I dont need a prophet to tell me it would be worth the wait. I hardly dream of him but more often than not, I find it hard to concentrate on anything as thoughts of him & me in passionate love making sessions bombard my waking hours. Next to JESUS, he fills up my senses such that I cant explain or express here. My wedding is coming up real soon; I'd keep you posted. Hope my post gets published & someone gets helped like I was when I bumped into this website. Love Jackie.