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Title: Thank You, Mr. Obama!    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I know some of you readers will not agree with my views. That's okay. I still love you and absolutely no ill will towards you.

But I do have a lot to say. Bear with me. This may be a lot stream of consciousness type of stuff so I'm gonna need you to roll with it. So here we go...

I literally screamed so loud when they announced Obama had been re-elected. I was expecting that it was going to be a long night. I was preparing on staying up until 1am if need be. I was cautiously optimistic but I was really scared - especially when it appeared Romney had taken early leads in Virginia and Florida. But at 8:37 when they announced that Obama would be re-elected, I was so happy. I went out into my apartment compound and just screamed so loud.

I feel like the last 4 years has been Obama battling against people who so badly wanted him to fail; people who were subtle in their racism ( and sometimes not so subtle - i.e., the "birthers"). Anyway, for Obama to overcome all of that and still come out on top is something special. 2008 was magical; 2012 is validation.

I've always maintained that it was important for America's first black president to be successful. Obama sets the precedent for all other future minority leaders - be it Blacks, Hispanic, Asians, or Women. America needs to see Obama succeed so others after him will be given a real opportunity at success. And for him to succeed he needed four more years - which he got. (PS: Do you realize Obama carried every single battleground state? Every single one!) Which leads me to my next topic...

Romney. What happened to all of that supposed momentum? What happened to all of that hype after the first debate? Here's the thing: I understood George W. Bush. I didn't agree with his decisions, but I understood him. I've always maintained that George W. Bush was a guy I could sit and have a beer with and laugh with. I got him. But I don't get Romney. I don't get what he stands for. He changes his position so often that you truly don't know what you'd get with him. I believe he's a good family man but it just seemed to me that he wanted to be president simply because it would look really really cool on his personal resume. But I never got him and I certainly never got the sense that he truly cared about normal people.

Most of the students in my elementary school will grow up with the knowledge that the first president they remember is Obama. Reagan was the first president I remember and he left quite an impression on me. Hopefully Obama will do the same with these kids. And these kids will grow up learning to look past race and exterior and truly believe that it's the character of a person that carries weight.

About a month ago I overheard my Principal and another teacher talking about how the momentum was swinging the Republican's way. In fact before the election, I overheard one of the other teachers say, "We can't take another four more years of this." (side note: 4 more years of what exactly? 32 straight months of job growth? Osama Bin Laden staying dead? Unemployment decreasing? Home prices rising? Healthcare for the uninsured? What exactly did she mean by "...4 more years of this?" Who knows, who cares, she lost). Also, before the election, I overheard other teachers saying things like "I can't stand Biden" or "It's possible that we may have an electoral tie which means Romney would be the president and Biden would be the Vice President." I said nothing and kept my mouth shut. Do you know why?

Because here's the larger point: The morning after the election, I walked to school with the biggest smile on my face. I work in a school dominated my conservative, middle-aged, white women. (Don't worry, if you're conservative or middle aged or white or a woman, I like you and have absolutely nothing against you. In fact, my wife is white and extremely beautiful. Bottom line, you're good) But anyways, one of the reasons I decided to work at the school I do was because I realized that of all the teachers at my school, the President of the United States looks more like me than anybody else. Isn't that cool. I've told my wife that Obama gives me the confidence to work at a place where I am the clear cut minority. He gives me the confidence to succeed. Which is why I needed him to be re-elected. Which is why I'm grateful to him.

Thank you, Mr. Obama

Obama 2008
Obama 2012
Obama Forever.

Comment by: Old Site   Date: 2/9/2013 7:56:40 PM

A reader says ... It makes sense that America's first black president just happens to be an ungodly man since he obviously is a Muslim who "protects other religions and oppresses Christians". Yeah, that sounds about right. (That was sarcasm)

I have read the bible and last time I checked Jesus dined and even protected those who were far from God. And we praise him for it. However, if someone in our world today dines, protects, or befriends a Muslim or Hindu or Jew, then they are labeled "ungodly?" Really? What are we Christians afraid of? That if someone actually shows kindness to a Muslim or Hindu or Jew that God will be dethroned? That God will be rendered powerless? Or deep down do we believe that we Christians are somehow supposed to rule the world so we must shut others out?

This is craziness. I love Jesus with all my heart but if heaven is comprised of you so-called "Christians" then I don't want to be there.

A reader says ... I don't know how much you know about your Bible, but the past thirty years we've seen the advent of the UPC code on just about everything we buy. It also almost uncommon now see anyone pay cash ...just swish a debt card. Some of those cards now have a microchip in them that you can wave at a device and it records your "number". What's the next prophetic step in this program. An even smaller microchip ... probably already in production that will be implanted in your wrist or your forehead. Besides if there's any religion in the man it is Islam... He is an ungodly man ... based on his policies that protect other religions and put restrictions on Christian believers. THINK ABOUT IT. Rev 13:18

A reader says ... Yes, Obama "gives me the confidence to succeed." It's not completely unheard of for one person to instill confidence in another. It happens all the time: it's what good teachers, employers, parents, spouses, leaders, and plenty more do. And I'm pretty sure that Obama's election and re-election inspired and gave confidence to many more people than just me.

As far as posting my political views on this website, I'm not the first. There were many more before me. If this website didn't want people posting political content than they shouldn't have a page called "Political Issues." So blame the website creators. (Also, something tells me if I had written an anti-Obama rant, it might not have elicited as many responses.)

Lastly, Yes do I love Obama's Kool Aid. Tastes pretty good. And there were roughly 61 million other fine folks who agreed with me this past November 6th.

And to those folks who dont agree with me I still love you all!!!

A reader says ... "gives me the confidence to succeed." only you can decide to succeed Obama cant do it for you!

A reader says ... I come to this site because its about marriage. If someone wants to share their political views there are plenty of other places to let those be known. Please lets keep the focus on marriage and romance!!!!!

A reader says ... Kool Aid drinker