Reunion Stories

Title: Compliments from another source    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


We were new to a rural community. The Fire Chief said they needed help in the daytime. Most of the men drove to the city to work. My work kept me close to home. So we signed up for a class. I went to the state fire school. Two of us camped nearby in a pop-up. It was a hard week of learning and work. And I got the flu. I had to wear a full face mask, carry an air tank, and crawl though a dark, smoke filled building following a fire hose. I survived and I passed.

I remember getting home and dropping my turnout gear in the front yard. Our youngest climbed into my boots and stood with the pants hanging around his ankles. I still have a picture of it. It was so good to be home after a week of fitre school.

The next morning my wife got up and went to work. One of the other ladies in her office said, "I guess Doug's home." "Yes," she replied, "How did you know?" The answer came... "Because your glowing!" I think I got a compliment.

Comment by: PurePassion   Date: 4/29/2015 10:09:41 PM