Love Letters

Title: lots of love to share    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


Hello my Angel i am really sorry about your sons accident and we thank God that he is ok,i know that i am suppose to me there to take good care of you and our children but i promise you my love that i will be home sooner than you can ever imagine and we will share alot of joy and laughter together,i will always be around to keep you warm when its cold and all i want you to do is wait patiently for me my love,my day is good and i am have been thinking soo much about you my love i am an Army Logistics Officer(Communication Logistics) in my Base i arrange and send over all information's to the Headquarters and responsible for planning and directing the logistical operations of the unit, i also gather my men to the field for trainings and organize night Patrols when i am on Duty,you know i didn't have to tell my friends about you because they notice the smiles on my face lately and i had to spill it out, i really love you truly and i am sure of my self i know what i want and its to be with you because you show me great love,my sons name is Eben and he lives with a caretaker in Reno,Nevada, you know things have been alot different for him since his mother passed away and i really want to make things right,i want to be home and take care of my boy he needs me now more than ever and i feel it each time i read from him, he is a strong little boy and his birth date is 12 February, yes i know its very soon and will make sure to give him a call on that day regardless the situation, ooh yes i will like you in heels and we can dance together my love, i love the pictures you send me you look just perfect for me and honey age don't matter at all to me its how you make me feel that matters and i love you even more,would love to talk more about us my love, i like just what makes you feel better that makes me feel much better too,my love let me know your Skype address and i will add you up i think it has instant chart we can talk more...kisses to you my love and hope you having a nice day..kisses again.

Comment by: John Bull   Date: 8/31/2016 2:41:09 PM

what a romantic words in here...Congratulation to you