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Title: The Case For Marriage - Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier and Better Off Financially    Author: Unknown   This Writing Is Rated G


I've been reading the book, "The Case for Marriage - Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier and Better Off Financially" by Linda J. Waite and Maggie Gallagher. This is an excellent book!

If you are single or you are cohabiting, if you have any doubts that marriage is for you, or if you are married and contemplating divorce, I would highly recommend this book.

Here is a small taste from the book. "For many couples living together, the social symbolism of a wedding is a reminder that their relationship is "different". As one cohabitator put it, "Once in a while we go to a wedding. It's painfully obvious that we're not married." A young woman trying hard to explain why she and her live-in lover should marry, told Maggie, "It bothers me, with his parents. I want them to have to acknowledge I'm somebody. I want them to recognize my place in John's life. A wife is something a girlfriend is not."

The book is choked full of statistics from studies that help you understand why marriages work and why cohabiting and divorce are not as fulfilling for the individual as marriage is.

For example it says, "Marriage remains a strong, personal goal. Ninety-four percent of college freshmen in one 1997 survey said they personally hoped to get married. Just 3 percent didn't hope to marry. And young people had very negative attitudes about divorce, with more than 70 percent of young adults, men and women, agreeing that "children do better with both parents." And more than two out of three agreed that "when parents divorce, children develop permanent emotional problems." Only 23 percent believed that divorcing couples try hard to save their marriages. Seventy-six percent of teens believed divorce laws are too lax. ... According to the National Sex Survey, 43 percent of the married men reported that they had sex at least twice a week. Only 26 percent of the single men (not cohabiting) said that they had sex this often ... Couples who live together and then get married face higher chances of divorcing than do couples who never cohabited. ... Eighty-one percent of divorced and separated Americans still believe marriage should be for life ... The majority of cohabiters either break up or marry within two years. ... Two-thirds of children entering stepfamilies do so in the setting of cohabitation rather than marriage ... Half of currently married stepfamilies with children began with cohabitation ... children living with cohabiting couples show poorer emotional development than children from married, two-parent families do. ... By the mid-1990's only a small minority of American women (17 percent) now think that parents should stay together even if they don't get along."

An interesting observation from looking at the statistics is that most people believe in marriage and want marriage for themselves (94%). But only 17 percent think you should stay in a marriage when you dont get along with your spouse. It seems society needs to teach married couples to not give up on their marriage just because they are having problems. Couples having problems in their marriage need to realize that if they will not give up, eventually their spouse will mature and their marriage will be a happy marriage.

This book provides statistical support for what we all here at know from personal experience that marriage is a great institution ordained by God and it is fun and it provides the best benefits for our kids and for society.

In the Bible God really promotes marriage. And in life we find that marriage works. In the end we always find that God's ways are always the best ways!