Anniversary Stories

Title: Our 25th Anniversary Trip    Author: K&G   This Writing Is Rated G


It was late September and our 25th wedding anniversary was coming up on January 1st.  My husband knew I had always wanted to go see the colorful fall leaves in the Northeast.

 As we were driving in the car my husband turned to me and asked: “How would you like to go to the Northeast to see the changing of the leaves and Niagara Falls next week?”   I was so excited as I thought of this fun trip alone with my husband (it had been a while since we have five children).

That night I could hardly sleep thinking of the romantic time we would have alone.  The next morning after the girls were off to school and my husband off to work, I began making all the reservations and planning the trip.  The day before our trip I busily packed our clothes and all my sexy sleepwear.

October 3rd we were up bright and early and our oldest daughter took us to the airport and dropped us off.  We flew from Texas to Boston where we rented a fun car with a sunroof.  (My husband loved to poke his head out the sunroof to take pictures as we traveled the scenic route.)

It was a beautiful sunny day as we drove to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to spend the first night.  When we arrived, it was almost dinner time so we decided to drive to Kittery, Maine for a romantic dinner by the sea at a famous seafood restaurant. We drove back to the hotel talking about our exciting night after I put on that sexy loungerie.  What a great night!

The next morning we decided to take a drive along the beautiful sea coat of Portland Maine. After fun on the beach, we drove back into New Hampshire to a historic wooden covered bridge over a river near Ossipee.   Our next stop was the Flume Gorge near Lincoln where we took a nice long walk on the trail through the beautiful trees. Since there were very few people along the trail, there was lots of time for hugs and kisses.

After returning to our car, we drove on to Vermont and made an impromptu stop at a little County Fair. We enjoyed strolling and admiring the many home made goods in the booths as we made a few purchases. Our next destination was Burlington, Vermont for the night.

October 5th was a long day of driving to be able to make it to Canada, but along the way we stopped at another covered bridge.  We sat and talked by the waterfall flowing under the bridge as we recalled some of the happy times in our marriage.

Our hotel for 2 nights in Canada was very close to Niagara Falls.  We awakened to a romantic time in bed; then there was breakfast and a morning walk down to the Falls.  We took in the overwhelming view as we stood close to the Falls on the Canadian side.  All around the majestic falls you could see rainbows in the mist.  After a while of walking along the fence line and viewing the breathtaking falls we decided to take a drive to Niagara On The Lake for the afternoon. This was a beautiful lake where we walked hand in hand along the lakeside and viewing the sailboats scattered about the lake.

The next day we came back to the U.S. side and walked along the New York side of the Falls.  After donning our thin blue raincoats we boarded the Maid Of The Mist boat to get a close-up view of the falls along with a free shower. 

Returning to our hotel in Canada, we decided to spend the night on the town.  We dressed up and walked to the Sky Line Tower where we took the elevator to the top and dined in the revolving restaurant at the top with a beautiful window-side table.  We enjoyed our meal  as we had a bird's eye view of the Falls and surrounding area. By the time we had finished eating we had revolved all the way around and we could now see the Falls all lit up as we sat in our dimly lit area stealing kisses. We descended from the restaurant to walk through the streets going in and out of different shops.  We were amazed at all the people shopping this late at night and all the shops that were open.

The next day we enjoyed a beautiful crisp cool day as we drove through New York to Connecticut where we stopped to walk along the beach at Hammonassett Beach.  My husband gathered rocks and shells and made a heart in the sand where he arranged the rocks and shells to say – KG + GG. We finished our 428 mile drive when we arrived in Bridgeport, Connecticut for another sweet night.

October 9th, we took a scenic drive stopping here and there to take pictures of the colorful fall trees as we left Connecticut and drove through Rhode Island and back to Boston.  The next day was a history lesson as we spent the day walking the Freedom Trail in Boston.  It was such a fun day as we took our time enjoying each other’s company walking through all the old historic buildings and sites.

We took time to enjoy a lunch together at Boston’s historic North end before we took the long walk to the U.S.S Constitution at the Charleston Navy Yard.  After touring the ship, it was time to start our evening walk back to our hotel – arriving after dark.  We had a short night, awakening early in order to leave our hotel at 4am to fly home.  Arriving back in Texas our four girls were there to greet us with excitement.

I told my husband how much I appreciated him taking me on that 25th Anniversary trip.  I’ll always remember and cherish it.