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Title: A Weekend At The Beach With Friends - Part 1    Author: Jim & Brenda   This Writing Is Rated G


It was spring time in Texas.  The flowers were blooming; the grass was already green and the weather was perfect.   It reminded me of California or Oregon weather.  Not hot, not cold - just right, around 70 degrees.

Hi, I'm Jim.  My wife Brenda and I have been married for 10 years.  I am a fireman and Brenda is a stay at home mom.  We have to be creative with our money to make it with our two beautiful children.

Randy and Cindy are good friends of ours.  We met in singles at church.  Wow that was 11 years ago!

Randy is a good looking artist with his blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, 6' 3" stature and broad shoulders.  Needless to say he is a hunk.

Cindy, Randy's wife, is 5' 8", really cute with a large bust and long legs - the perfect beautiful blonde.

I am  6' 1"  with dark eyes and dark hair.  My wife Brenda is 5' 9", slender and beautiful.  Her bust is not as large as Cindy's, but she is built up top like a rock - firm, you know.  My wife Brenda is a bit more slender than Cindy, but both have really nice figures.  I'm in good shape since I'm a fireman.

Galveston is about two hours away from our homes in Houston.  My wife Brenda and, I guess Cindy, dreamed up this vacation that we all go to Galveston for Friday night.  You know, check out the beach, have dinner, visit, catch up, play games in our room,  hit the sack and then Saturday, have more fun and head back home Saturday afternoon.  Just a quick get-away to get away from the kids and have some fun time alone with our friends.

Brenda had booked a room at Gaido's with two beds.  Yes, two beds - one for Brenda and I, and one for Randy and Cindy.  It would save us money, which is hard to come by when you are a fireman.  I do some jobs on the side, so we get some income from there, but there never seems to be anything left over, once the bills are paid.  Well, back to our trip to Galveston.

I got off work early, picked Brenda up at our modest home; she was smiling and excited about the weekend she and Cindy had planned. Once we loaded our old suitcases into the trunk we headed over to Randy and Cindy's house, drove into their circular driveway under the big pine tree, up to their front door,  which was open (the storm door was closed), and honked the horn.  Randy came to the door and waved at me; then disappeared inside.  Brenda got in the back seat.  She said, "The GIRRLLSS are going to sit in the back and catch up on things, while the BOOYYSS chauffeur us to our hotel in Galveston."  After 10 minutes of being patient, my wife Brenda reached over from the back seat, I caught myself staring at her beautiful breasts, which were lightly brushing against my face.  She was determined and her hand made it to the horn - "Honk, Honk".

After another 10 minutes, Randy and Cindy came out, dressed in sexy Hawaiian vacation attire, lugging two bulging suite cases.  The suitcases were not the only thing bulging; Cindy's breasts were also bulging from her low cut top.  I didn't notice them at first, but when she leaned over to get in the back seat I  caught myself staring and so I quickly looked up at her face; but I was caught, as she smiled at me.  I guess she saw the glazed look in my eyes from the endorphin rush.  That was the first time I had actually noticed how shapely her breasts were.  Well I guess I had noticed before.  But not this close up.

The ride to Galveston was cozy in our economy car.  Randy and I chatted as the girls in the back giggled and had a grand old time.

We drove along the beach strand in Galveston and made it to Gaidos.  My wife would like to think it was a "hotel", but really it was the least expensive motel she could find on the nice end of the beach front.   That's a picture of our room up there.  Not big but cozy.  And with a nice view.

Let me back up a bit.  While we have known Randy and Cindy for 11 years, and we go to the same church, we really had never done anything like this before.  We each have two children and it was difficult leaving them but my parents cared for our two children and Randy's sister, who is single, cared for their two kids.

So why have we not done anything like this before now?  After all, we met in singles and did things together there.  Well, back 11 years ago, I dated Randy's wife Cindy briefly and yes I did notice her beauty and figure but she seemed too talkative at the time.  So I introduced her to my friend Randy who ended up marrying her.  I met Brenda who is more quiet; and I married her.  Up until last year we didn't have too much to do with each other as couples.  We were all so busy with our families and our careers.  Sure Randy and I did things together and Brenda and Cindy were slowly becoming closer friends but that was all, until ...

What happened was Cindy and my wife had been warming up to each other over the years and Cindy told my wife about, this web site where you can read and write stories about your love life.

Cindy talked Brenda into getting together one night while both of us men were out, and they wrote a fiction story together about a wife and her husband's love life.  They each came up with ideas and together wrote the story.  Well, during that time together that night, they grew closer and shared a few intimate details about each other.   Cindy shared with my wife, that at first, she was a bit jealous that I had married her.  She had gotten over it but still had a crush on me.  Randy was cool with that as he is very self-confident, and Randy is the perfect husband.

Randy and I have always been close friends; in fact, we shared an apartment together back in our singles days.

,Well, then recently came out with the Friendship directory.  Brenda told me about it and suggested that if we would fill our Profile and get Randy and Cindy to fill out theirs, that we would learn more about them from that than we had learned about them in the past 11 years we have known them.  At first, I thought it was a boring idea, but then I realized the potential of communication there.  So at church a few weeks ago I told Randy that Brenda and I would fill out our Friendship Profile that Sunday night and text him, and he agreed to fill it out with his wife Cindy and text me when they were done.

We texted him first as I had looked at it before and got my wife Brenda's approval on questions fairly quickly.  Then he texted me that they were done.  And SSOOO my wife and I checked out their profile.  Wow we were surprised.  They had answered the questions in the "Couples Interaction Etiquette" section just like we did - just like we were hoping they would.

They answered the question, "While together in the same room we might feel comfortable undressing - if everyone agrees," with a check mark - meaning YES.  This wasn't my idea.  Brenda, my wife showed me the potential of open communication between friends.  She pointed out that if they were open to having fun together, that we could really have a lot of fun.  She is quiet, but she is smart.  And adventurous.

Well that is the end of Part 1 of this mini-vacation.

Comment by: New Subscriber   Date: 9/28/2016 11:01:23 AM

Is there a part 2 of your mini-vacation.  Your story seems to indicate you will be posting a part 2.

Comment by: New Subscriber   Date: 6/14/2016 4:19:56 PM

Can you post Part II of your mini-vacation?  Would like to hear more about what happened.