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Title: Showing Off    Author: Happycouple   This Writing Is Rated G


My husband and I recently celebrated our 20th anniversary, he is a great guy and I really wanted to make this special for him. He has always loved when I dress sexy so I decided that I would really make him proud of me this night. I tried on all types of outfits some bra less and without panties, the more I did the more excited I got. I finally decided on a short skirt with no panties and a sheer top and I put on a shelf bra, over top I wore a jacket so my husband would not see the surprise until we were out. He had arranged a limo to pick us up at 7. I stood in front of the mirror and could not believe how sexy I looked and felt, I could not wait to show off for my husband.

I heard a shout "the limo is here" So I took a deep breath and came out of the bedroom. My husband was smiling from ear to era at me as I walked by him. We went out to the limo my husband entered and the limo driver, a tall dark handsome guy held my hand as I sat facing him and as I swung my legs around as I did I realized that I just gave our driver a good look at my shaved mound. I looked up at him to see a great big smile, I just smiled back, to my surprise I was not embarrassed at all but really enjoyed the moment. I turned to my husband kissed him and told him this was going to be a fun night for both of us. We made out in the back of the limo like a couple of kids, I was just completely turned by what just happened, another man seeing me like that. I knew I had to tell my husband what happened, but decided to wait until we got inside. Once inside we sat in a corner booth, and both had a glass of wine, I was actually getting excited about telling my husband what had happened, we have always talked about sexy things like that in bed and it's a big turn for both of us. So after another glass of wine I said, I have to tell you what happened when the limo driver picked us up, what he said! I giggled a little, he laughed and said this must be good your blushing! Well I said, I'm not wearing any panties under my skirt, he got a big smile leaned over kissed me and said "you know how much that turns me on" I smiled and said yes I do but there is more, well tell me he said. I took a big sip of wine and told him what happened, and asked if he were mad? Mad, no I'm not mad he said with a big smile, I want to know if it got you excited? No don't answer that he said, the way you were kissing me in the car, I know you were, am I right? I blushed more and told yes extremely. We both leaned across the table and kissed like crazy. I loved seeing how turned on my husband was about this, he was all over me.

The waiter came by and we ordered another glass of wine. He was a younger guy and very well built, so I decided to tease my husband a little more by telling him I thought the waiter was cute. He kissed me again telling me how hot I was, and I really felt that way for the first time in a long time. I was so worked up I could hardly stand it, so I said to Kevin it's hot in here I'm going to take my jacket off, as I did his eyes got huge almost as big as his smile.  Do You like my new top I asked? I love it honey; you really are quite the woman! As he was saying this the waiter came back with the wine, he could not help but stare as he poured. He asked if he could give us a few suggestions from the menu, sure we said, as he did to my surprise my husband asked him what about the marinated chicken breasts? Are they tender and full, with a big smile the waiter said oh yes sir they are very tender and more then enough as a matter of fact I would say they are just lovely, Kevin with a big grin said, well if you really like them that much I will have to try them, yes sir you should they are my favorite. The waiter turned to me and asked if I were ready to order, I must have been beat red and my nipples were fully erect I was so turned on, I laughed and said give me a few more minutes. He smiled and said certainly. When he left, I smacked Kevin on the arm and said I can't believe you said that! He laughed and said, yea but you liked it, I had to admit I did and told him how turned on I was. He then told me how beautiful I looked and how excited he was also. So I asked can you really see that much through my blouse? He smiled and said everything perfectly, especially now that your nipples are so erect. Him saying this turned me on even more so I asked do you think the waiter is enjoying it? Oh yes he said, what man wouldn't? More importantly do you like him checking you out? I love it, I told Kevin, to have a younger man looking right at my almost bare breasts in front of my husband is really getting me hot, I felt so liberated showing off my breasts, I wanted everyone to see, so I said I'll be right back and went to the bathroom. Walking by the bar area several men smiled and said hello, I just loved all the attention. Walking back to the table Kevin was checking me out just as much as the other men, seeing how much this was turning him on made me want to show off even more.

The waiter was approaching so I tucked my blouse in a little tighter so it was snug against my nipples and breast, making it even more sheer. I looked him up and down giving him a sly smile, he smiled back and blushed, I knew he was enjoying this, so I decided to really tease him. I placed the menu on the table in front of me scooted close so my breast were partly resting on the menu, and said there are so many choices on the menu what do you like? With a big smile looking up at him, he was blushing even more. He was at a loss for words so Kevin spoke up and said to the waiter I bet you like those beautiful breast as much as I do! Yes sir he said they are beautiful. Keeping my breast on the menu I asked him to point out some good dishes, as he did his hand was just a few inches from me, I wanted to be touched so bad! Then Kevin reached over and pointed out another dish, running his finger across the menu as he read it went across my nipple sending shivers all over my body. Looking down at my almost bare breast with my husbands hand and the waiters hand so close, I wanted to pull my blouse off and let them have me, but I contained myself. I looked to see a huge bulge growing in the waiters pants, what a beautiful sight, this young man getting excited over me. He took another menu covered himself and said he was sorry. We both told please don't be, and that we were sorry for teasing him, and asked him to please forgive us. Oh no please don't be sorry; this has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had, you are the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen like this! We thanked him and told him how happy we were that he was our waiter. When he left with our order we kissed and told each other how excited we were.

After dinner we said good by to our new special friend Tommy the waiter, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him we would be back to see him, please do he said, and that it was truly a wonderful evening for him, we assured him it was for us also.

We walked out without me putting on my jacket, I could see how proud Kevin was with me by his side, this made me feel so good, I love when he is happy.  The limo driver was waiting for us, he got out to get the door and was all smiles greeting us and said he hoped we had a good time, we told him it was wonderful. Kevin got in, I turned and faced the driver put out my hand so he could help me in giving him time to check out my erect nipples, I slowly sat facing him my skirt slid way up and I was completely exposed, then I slowly lifted my left leg to swing it around giving him a great view.

Once home we tore our clothes off and had the best sex of our marriage, telling each other what an erotic turn on it was for both of us, that these men got to see me like this.

Since then we have never been closer in our relationship, and have been back to our favorite restaurant several times, and would love to tell more if anyone is interested.

Please give us your thoughts, we would like to know what other couples think.

Comment by: Visitor   Date: 8/26/2016 3:14:57 PM

Excellent story, really sexy and fun. We've had similar experiences. Would love to hear/read more from you!

Comment by: Married And Happy   Date: 2/26/2014 1:13:59 PM

Wonderful story.  I think we all wish our wife was willing to be more revealing and flirtatious at times.  You are very blessed!