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We are a happily married couple who loves the Lord and His word.

We are deeply interested to learn more about the sexual relationships and experiences from other "sex positive" Christian couples.  We are curious and intrigued by the sexual experiences of others.  We enjoy watching videos of other married couples having sex and making love to one another, the sights of the members making union and the sounds of desire, what God made between a married man and woman, are truly fascinating to us and ignites incredible desire to experience the same between the two of us.

We are truly thankful to the author(s) and founder(s) of this site and want to encourage them to keep this site going: we couldn't imagine losing such a resource.  

We are also truly thankful to all who post and write on this site.  Your stories and what you share give us confirmation that we are not alone.

To the author(s) and founder(s) of this site, it was our desire to decrypt and learn more truth about the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) that lead us to your site.  Thank you SO much!  Your views on the Song of Solomon were the confirmation that we were looking for as we were asking ourselves the very same question: If God wrote the most erotic piece of literature the world has ever known, for us to read, glean and learn be aroused by...then why would our "watching" the very same (moral erotic) be any different?

We are looking forward to making connections with other couples on this site, who have arrived at a similar or same conclusion as we have.

To those couples who are in our same stage of awakening, we would love to hear from you and or connect with you here on  

We are looking forward to all of your comments.

Thank you and God's best to you all


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