Love Letters

Title: Happy Birthday!    Author: HappyAndMarried   This Writing Is Rated G

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  Happy Birthday!  To the most wonderful person in the world!  My wife!  You  are everything to me!  You get my rose every time!  

I remember when I first saw you at singles on Tuesday night at Spring Branch Community Church in Houston.  You did not see me but I sized you up.  I liked what I saw.  Weeks later all the singles went out for Pizza after church.  I sat across from you.  You offered me your pizza. 

I had  not prayed that the first girl to give me her pizza would be the one I married, but your gesture of kindness did impress me.  You were a single mom raising an 8 year old boy and you told me how you were in college getting an engineering degree.  I remember telling you to trust God and don't worry about the future - that God would bring someone along.   At the time, I did not realize that I would be the one for you.

Well, 33 years later we are still married and going strong.  I love you more each day! 

You are my everything, my Joy in the morning, my Lust in the evening, my reason for living in-between!

Today you turn 65 and you start in on Medicare, yet you are as healthy as the day we met.  You are even more beautiful today than the day we met.