Love Letters

Title: To the love of my life bassem    Author: Lori p   This Writing Is Rated G

to my sweetheart bassem whom im deeply in love with  i cant imagine my life without him he everything a women  can  ask  god for. sweet gentle kind honest  soft spoken very romantic handsome  lovely  goodhearted funny passionet sweet. hes means everything to me and more. i just want to  say that i am  very lucky to have him in my life. my life would be meaningless without you baby and u are the best love that came into my heart and soul. you are the sun that warms up  my soul you are the moon that lights up my life you are my brightest star in the sky.  i really adore you bassem  baby you are my true love of my life i promise you i will never do  anything to hurt you and to  stand by your side all my life in gods willing. i cant wait untill  we marry i will be marrying my best friend my love my fiancee my husband my all  my everything. i am  nothing without you i wish  to tell the whole world about the love that we share. i am  very proud and honored to have such  a wonderful  man thank god for you baby and for walking into my life god bless you darling my sweet bassem  the best one in my eyes in  my heart in my soul i hope this distance ends soon i  cant be far from you habibi alby ana bahebek awii. everytime i think about you i feel  you give me the power to  do  anything. your love is making me want you more and more everday i cant stop  thinking about you darling i swear by our god that while  i am  writting this to you now how i wish  to  be in ur arms you  are my paradise. i  see heaven  in  your eyes i see my present and future in  you eyes my angel i just dont love you but i adore you. and i am  very much  in  love with  you bassem i wish  that god gives us a long happy marriage and hope in  gods willing we will have much  love and happiness as we do  now. i adore you sweetheart and i will be your forever my love. i will save my love for you only my sweet soul  i promise you baby