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Title: Hot Tub Game    Author: jezuz11   This Writing Is Rated G


 They were relaxing in the hot bubbly water. They had already consumed a few drinks.  Hosts Calvin and Belinda were cozy on one side of the hot tub, and their dear friends Ed and Dina were intertwined on the opposite side enjoying this romantic time. The conversation had already been somewhat sexy. Then Dina suggested that play a game with Truth or Dare. What could go wrong with that? :)

After a warm-up (heat-up) round, Calvin chose truth.  He saw his friends wife gets a sly grin on her face. Dina asked, "What's a sexual fantasy of your's that would make your pastor blush?"

Calvin said that his pastor would probably turn blue in the face if he knew any of his fantasies. "But there is one that I haven't even told Belinda. But if I must tell the truth... I sometimes fantasize about both of you women. I know it's wrong of me, and it would never happen, but I have had wandering thoughts about you two ladies making out."

Everyone  gasped and said "Wow!" Dina said, " I don't think that sounds so weird. It sounds like you're just a normal guy. Ed, have you ever had that fantasy?" He quickly said, "Um, I don't think so dear..." And Dina smacked him in the arm. "Ok, yes, of course."

Dina then let loose from Ed and leaned over to our side of the hot tub. She drew close in front of Belinda, and looked deep into her eyes. She said, "Maybe the stars will align one day..." And she leaned in and gave a sensual kiss to Belinda.  The men just stared with jaws drooping open.

Dina returned to Ed and said to the others, "I sometimes fantasize about seeing the two of you, you know, making love."

 Belinda then responded, "Wait a minute.  The fantasies of all three of you seem to involve me being naked. Hmmm. Ok. Fine. I'm taking that on as my 'dare'!"

With that, she pealed off her one piece bathing suit, and her gorgeous body was on full display, to the approving hoots of all in the tub. Belinda looked over and saw Ed quite fixated on her tits. She just calmly said, "Ahh this water feels even better on the bare skin. You all should try it."

In 60 seconds, all the bathing suits were thrown on the patio and these four close friends were now naked together for the first time. It felt relaxing and carefree.

As much as it pained them to hear the words, Belinda said, "Maybe we should call it a night, before our 'dares' get too carried away." They all agreed. They all grabbed our towels and swimsuits and headed into the house without covering up. The two men were both sporting rock solid erections. But it all just felt normal, joyful, and free.

After getting dressed, we all said goodbye, and Belinda quipped, "Our hot tub is always open. Next time you don't even need to bring your swim suits."

Comment by: jezuz11   Date: 3/9/2017 7:25:37 AM

Yes. Part 2 is w/o suits. It'll be cumming (!) later this month.

Comment by: New Subscriber   Date: 3/3/2017 9:17:56 AM

Hot story! It's been awhile since you last posted.  We always enjoy your stories.

When can we hear part2 -- w/o suits?